Muda: Avoid waste.

Or why working for us makes so much sense.

You can waste so many things: Time, money or energy. But it is better to avoid it. This is what our Muda principle stands for.

Muda means "waste" or "pointless activity". Which inevitably leads us to the question of meaning: Why do we do what we do? We make scanners and auto-ID systems that are better than others. Full stop. That is the claim of our mission Driven by Quality.

Anyone can claim that, you might say now. And this is where our Muda principle comes into play. We increase our production and process quality by consistently eliminating waste and pointless work - through lean production. Excessive material movements, stocks or waiting times are systematically and methodically avoided.

And what does that do for me, you ask? The streamlining of our processes to pure quality - resulting in products that are lean in service and maintenance. The repair effort for our high-tech devices is traditionally in the per mille range and thus far below the industry average.

Our employees also live the Muda principle. Their contributions are specifically requested and required when it comes to ideas for more meaningful work and collaboration - whether in production, in the office or remotely.

This leads to a better quality of life and is motivating - in the sense of Driven by Quality.


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