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IOT Data Management Platform

In recent years, a wave of change is approaching to the manufacturing industry. The emergence of innovative IT technology, big data processing, cloud computing and the concept of Industry 4.0 and IoT boost the shift towards the smart factory.  

However, in reality it is not as easy to establish a data-connected environment at the manufacturing level.

To establish a smart factory, the technology to connect devices within the factory and gather information from them for analysis is essential!

As the best solution for that, we propose the installation of ORiN – the Open Resource Interface for the Network. ORiN is an IoT Data Management Platform, providing a middleware, with which information from various automation devices can be gathered more efficiently and then shared with manufacturing systems, BI tools and Cloud solutions. Data can be freely routed, transformed, events triggered, between all connected devices and software systems. Based on ORiN we as DENSO WAVE created various products which provide easy solutions to integrate ORiN functionalities into existing environments or build new IoT projects on it.   

Welcome to the Industry 4.0!

Application Scenarios

  • Manufacturing (Andon): Data gathering from production line devices, historic data storage and display using drag & drop web-based dashboard creation. Easily amend and add device information without programming.
  • Manufacturing (condition monitoring): Device data collection, routing and database storage for preventative / predictive maintenance software integration.
  • Production control: Providing real-time production information for planning software, plus feedback from the system to control the flow/speed of the production line to device level.
  • Data Analysis: Built-in data analysis and display tools provide instant views on collected data.  Drag & drop web-based screen creation makes bespoke analysis easy.
  • Machine / Device utilisation: can be optimised by monitoring and providing visual information, triggered events of free resources.
  • Process Definition: Define a new manufacturing process within the ORiN; program free with only configuration. Including Robots, legacy devices and newer OPC-UA compliant ones too.
  • Retail: Combining existing disparate devices like PTZ cameras, EAS gates and RFID readers into one whole. These can be monitored, data gather and actions be triggered for customer service, statistics gathering and security.
  • Horticulture: monitoring and control the environment in greenhouses, from sensors to controlling ventilation and alerts of out-of-tolerance conditions.
  • Smart City: Platform management in stations, monitoring utility installations and much more. Talk to sensors (wireless too), CCTV, security devices (e.g. Zone-D), RFID readers and many other devices. Define processes and triggers/actions when events happen.
  • Healthcare: Operating Theatre data gathering and centralised dashboards for surgeons. Drug management using RFID and security using Face Recognition QR Codes.


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