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Mobile computers - robust, handy solution for universal use

Whether in retail, in the warehouse or for mobile scanning on the road: mobile computers are the elementary data collectors of the modern working world. We have the right model for every work process and thus the right tool for your employees - to speed up efficient and intelligent work in your company.

Mobile computers for efficient work processes

Fast, secure data capture combined with effective processing: two decisive factors for successful work processes. In order to meet constantly growing demands, "mobile computing" is the keyword here: man and machine work together ever more flexibly, securely and quickly. For perfect interaction, however, technology, software and hardware must be well coordinated. Those who rely on the right tools here can not only make their employees' work easier, but also sustainably increase the productivity of their processes. In many sectors, special solutions such as mobile computers make the decisive difference.

What is a mobile computer?

Mobile computers - also called handheld computers - are portable scanners that capture, store and process data. Mobile computers can read and interpret 1D codes (barcodes) and 2D codes (QR codes). In addition, some mobile data capture devices can also read characters such as batch and serial numbers and documents using optical character recognition (OCR). Mobile computers are therefore practically barcode scanners and document scanners in one device, which can also process the captured data. For this purpose, each mobile computer has an operating system that controls the various functionalities of the device. For example, the smartphone-like devices with display, keyboard and integrated CPU can also provide apps such as browsers or other specific applications. Intuitive handling, high robustness and flexible usability are the hallmarks of a good mobile computer. Most handheld computers are used in warehouse logistics or order picking, for inventory and order entry, in retail, in mobile mobile sales as well as in many other applications in trade, warehouse and industry.

Mobile computers: flexible everywhere, robust and fast

Mobility is an important aspect, especially in data acquisition and processing. With non-digital data collection, results can only be determined after all work steps such as inventory, storage and manual input into a computer have been completed - mobility: a dead letter. That's why all DENSO WAVE mobile computers have the appropriate interfaces to transfer data digitally quickly and easily after scanning. These range from classic USB interfaces to Bluetooth and WLAN-capable devices. The latter can transmit the data in real time and thus significantly accelerate work processes. The result is data management without (or with less) time delay and significantly reduced effort. In addition, every DENSO WAVE mobile data collection device is equipped with a powerful rechargeable battery. This allows our mobile computers to be used for long periods over several shifts.

Error prevention: Mobile computers for quality assurance

Due to the high precision of DENSO WAVE mobile data capture devices, codes and documents are scanned reliably. Employees can make virtually no mistakes when scanning - in contrast to manual data entry using pen and paper. The digital transmission of data also helps to prevent errors.

Mobile computers from DENSO WAVE: Quality in series production

Among our many different models, you will find the right Android MDE (mobile data entry device) or data collection device with DENSO operating system for every situation. Whether as a smartphone-like variant or as a barcode scanner with keyboard: each of our products is securely sealed against shocks as well as dirt and moisture. This ensures long durability with unrestricted performance of the device. Their light weight makes them the ideal companions for the working day.

Find the right Mobile Computer now

Android Devices


BHT-M80 Series

Mobile Computer with 5" HD Touch Display. OS: Android 10

BHT-M70 Series

Mobile Computer with 4" HD Touch Display. OS: Android 10


BHT-M60 Series

Mobile Computer with 3.2 " HD Touch Display and Keyboard. OS: Android 10


BHT-1800 Series

Mobile Computer with 5" HD Touch Display. OS: Android 7 - 8


BHT-1700 Series

Mobile Computer with 4" WVGA Touch Display and Keyboard. OS: Android 7 - 8. Also available as Long Range Model.


BHT-1600 Series

Ultra-rugged Mobile Computer with 4.7" HD Touch Display. OS: Android 6

Windows Embedded CE Devices


BHT-1400 Series

Handheld Terminal with 3.2" WVGA Display and Keyboard. OS: Windows Embedded Compact 7


BHT-1300 Series

Handheld Terminal with QVGA Display and Keyboard. OS: Windows Embedded Compact 7 or DENSO OS (depends on model)

DENSO OS Devices


BHT-S40 Series

Handheld Terminal with 3.2" WVGA Display and Keyboard. OS: DENSO OS


BHT-S30 Series

Handheld Terminal with 2.4" WVGA Display and Keyboard. OS: DENSO OS


BHT-1500 Series

Handheld Terminal with 2" QVGA Display and Keyboard. OS: DENSO OS


BHT-1300 Series

Handheld Terminal with QVGA Display and Keyboard. OS: Windows Embedded Compact 7 or DENSO OS (depends on model)

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BHT-M80 Mobile Computer with the most powerful DENSO Original Scan Engine
BHT-M80 Mobile Computer

The mobile computers of the BHT-M80 series are the result of a continuous pursuit of perfectionism: equipped with the most powerful DENSO scan engine on the market to date, these handheld terminals deliver a scanning performance that sets the bar high in the industry. In combination with the Android 10 operating system and a powerful octa-core processor, the M80 becomes an indispensable companion for reliable and fast mobile data acquisition.

zum Produkt BHT-M80 Mobile Computer
BHT-M60 Mobile Computer with Keyboard
BHT-M60 Handheld Computer

Der BHT-M60 Handheld Computer kombiniert hervorragende Scan-Leistung mit komfortabler Handhabung dank seines ergonomisch geformten Griffs, der sich perfekt in die Hand einschmiegt. Ausgestattet mit der leistungsstärksten DENSO Scan Engine, die momentan auf dem Markt verfügbar ist, brilliert er bei der mobilen Datenerfassung.

zum Produkt BHT-M60 Handheld Computer
BHT-1700 Handheld Terminal with Keyboard

At DENSO, progress starts by asking questions: How big can the display of a handheld terminal with keyboard really be? The answer is the new maximum from DENSO: the BHT-1700 Android handheld terminal with 4" mega display. To maximise your options, it combines two worlds. Scan using its extra large touchscreen, control appsor make phone calls. Or use the keyboard to ergonomically register or order goods.

zum Produkt BHT-1700 Handheld Terminal with Keyboard

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