OCR Application

OCR Application

Optical character recognition for Android systems

OCR reading

Converts images of text characters taken with the BHT camera into actual text data.

Passport reading

Reads OCR codes printed on a passport.


The license must be purchased in order to utilize SDK for application development, and to work with the QRkbif software.

Supported BHT models

BHT-M80, BHT-M60 (with rear camera)

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  •   BHT-OCR
    Number of readable characters 1 to 50 characters
    Number of character strings in readable format 1 line or 2 lines
    2 lines: the machine-readable passport format is supported
    Readable characters Alphabet (upper case), Arabic numerals, 11 symbols [ - . : / ( ) # * \ + < > ]
    Readable fonts MS Gothic, OCR-A/B, Arial, Courier New, Times New Roman, Sans-serif,
    SEMI Arial Black, Century Gothic, Lucida Console, Lucida, Sans Typewriter
    Non readable fonts Cursive font, Design font, Handwriting
    Character height 2 mm to 30 mm
    PCS 0,5 or higher
    Reading distance 65 ≦ H ≦ 300
    Tilt -35° ≦ α ≦ 35
    Pitch -35° ≦ β ≦ 35°
    Skew -15° ≦ Θ ≦ 15°
    Text orientation Horizontal orientation only
    Mirroring No
    Black and white inversion Yes
    Switching to letters or dot-matrix characters Yes
    Format registration Yes (up to 99 formats)
    Allowed characters in format Alphanumeric characters, Symbols, Arabic numerals, Alphabet, Symbols, Dictionary, Fixed text (Alphabet, Arabic numerals, Symbols: single character)
    User dictionary memory Yes (up to 100 memory spaces)
    Saving scanned image Yes
    OCR, Reading 1D, 2D OCR, 1D/2D, OCR+1D/2D


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