The code for integrating images

This code provides a framework that is used to capture an image. Since the shape and color of the frame can be changed flexibly, it can be used in a variety of ways.

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  • Simply read out FrameQR®.

    • Reading out with our QR Reader App Q is child's play.
    • The FrameQR® reading function for reading FrameQR® with our readers must be added. Contact us to apply for a service license and for further details.

    Generate FrameQR yourself.

    • Generation and use of numerous FrameQR® for a wide range of services with the Q-Platform cloud solution. You can obtain the necessary service license from us. Contact us for more information.

    FreameQR® provides a remedy for your concerns.

    • Would you like to integrate an illustration or your logo in a QR code? No problem with FrameQR®.
    • Do you want to make your QR code more eye-catching and creative so that more people will scan it? FrameQR® is the solution.
    • Would you like to spice up a black and white code whose target page is not always immediately recognizable? FrameQR® gives you plenty of colour.

    FrameQR - all customer benefits of the new code generation.

    • The code can include an image within a defined frame that is flexible in terms of shapes.
    • In cooperation with the Q-Platform server, security is always guaranteed, as it generates codes itself. The server also offers a read function.
    • In addition to the functions of the QR code, error correction, Kanji / Kana display and 360-degree readout are provided.

    Business cards & catalogs with FrameQR®.

    • Printing a FrameQR® with your photo makes it more memorable and offers the first opportunity to talk to potential customers. FrameQR codes printed on business cards and catalogs naturally lead the customer precisely to your company's website.

    Counterfeit protection & traceability with FrameQR®.

    • A combination of hologram and QR code can be used for counterfeit-proof measures and traceability.


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