rMQR Code®

rMQR Code®

The classic QR Code in rectangular format.

The rMQR Code® (rectangular Micro QR Code) with its rectangular shape can be used wherever the conventional square QR Code is too large. It is ISO certified and can be used anywhere with a clear conscience.

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  • rMQR® - Saves space.
    - The eye-shaped "synchronisation patterns" have been reduced from three to one and a half.
    - With its rectangular shape, it is ideally suited for narrow or thin workpieces.

    rMQR® - Small but mighty.
    - Stores up to 361 numeric, 219 alphanumeric or 92 kanji characters.
    - Resistant to deformation and dirt.

    rMQR® - Readable in no time.
    - Thanks to the further development of configuration patterns, the rMQR® can be scanned just as quickly as the conventional QR Code.

    rMQR - Versatile application possibilities.
    - Wherever traceability of parts in factories and supply chains must be ensured and the parts are too small for a conventional QR code.
    - On branded products where design is paramount.
    - Managing small and lean medical devices and pharmaceuticals.
    - In marketing, publishing, or the entertainment industry.
    - In retail.


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