GT20 Series

GT20 Series

Durable, Heavy-Duty Design

The GT20 Series has a highly durable design to withstand strong impacts. It is environmental resistant due to the IP65 rating and the possible operating temperature between -20 and 50°C. The scanner offer an overwhelming reading performance: LCD screens and poorly printed labels are no obstacles. Besides further additional features, a powerful reading algorithm has been created for high-speed reading.

  • 5 year warranty
  • 1D Code
  • 2D Code

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"Manufactured by the inventor of the QR Code, the GT20 offers impressing features. On the one hand, it is able to scan multiple QR Codes at once. On the other hand, it can read only the targeted code even when multiple codes exist in the reading area."

Markus Nüsing – Technical Support Engineer
  • GT20

    ModelBarcode Model2D Code model
    TypeGT20B-SM (U) *1GT20B-SM (R)GT20B-SBGT20Q-SM (U) *1GT20Q-SM (R)GT20Q-SB

    MethodAdvanced Scan Plus (CCD)Area Sensor
    Readable codes

    2D Code-

    QR code, Micro QR code, SQRC, IQRcode, DataMatrix (ECC200), PDF417, Micro PDF417, Maxi code, Aztec, GS1 Composite
    BarcodeEAN-13/8 (JAN-13/8), UPC-A/E, UPC/EAN
    (with add-on), Interleaved 2 of 5 (ITF), Standard 2
    of 5 (STF), CODABAR (NW-7), CODE32, CODE39,
    CODE93, CODE128, GS1-128 (EAN-128),
    GS1 Databar (RSS), MSI, Plessey
    EAN-13/8 (JAN-13/8), UPC-A/E, UPC/EAN
    (with add-on), Interleaved 2 of 5 (ITF), Standard 2
    of 5 (STF), CODABAR (NW-7), CODE39, CODE93,
    CODE128, GS1-128 (EAN-128),
    GS1 Databar (RSS)

    Minimum resolution

    2D Code-0.167mm
    Marker-Area guide marker
    PCS valuenot less than 0.30
    Skew angle-360°
    Image capture-BMP, JPEG output, thumbnail view
    Scanning confirmationConfirmation LED (Blue, Green, Red), Buzzer (with 3-level volume control and 3-level tone control)
    Communication interfaceMethodUSBRS-232CBluetooth Ver. 2.1+ EDR based class 2USBRS-232CBluetooth Ver. 2.1+ EDR based class 2
    ConnectorUSB connector (A type)Dsub-95-USB connector (A type)Dsub-95-
    Profile--SPP, HID--SPP, HID
    Cable2m2m, 5m-2m2m, 5m-
    PowerSupplyUSB port *²Separate AC adapterBuilt-in batteryUSB port *²Separate AC adapterBuilt-in battery
    Operating time *3--100 hours--28 hours
    Environment requirements

    Protection ratingIP65
    Drop resistance *42.0mx60 times on concrete floor
    Operating temperature *5-20 - 50°C
    Operating humidity10 to 90% RH (without dews)
    Weight (excl. cable)Approx. 180gApprox. 230g (incl. battery)Approx. 180gApprox. 230g (incl. battery)

    *1: Two methods are supported: a USB keyboard interface and a USB-COM interface. The factory default is a USB keyboard interface for GT20B and a USB-COM interface for GT20Q.

    *2: Please check the connection beforehand because this type of connection may not be possible depending on the model of the PC or USB hub.

    *3: When a code is ready every 5 seconds.

    *4: Result obtained in a test under regular temperature is shown and meant as a guarantee.

    *5: For the Bluetooth® model, 0 to 40°C during battery charging




    2D Code Model
    RS-232C ModelUSB Model

    Readable codes

    2D CodesQR Code, micro QR Code, SQRC, iQR, PDF417, micro PDF417, MaxiCode, DataMatrix (ECC200), GS1 Composite

    1D CodesEAN-13/8 (JAN-13/8), UPC-A/E, UPC/EAN (with add-on), Interleaved 2 of 5, Codabar (NW-7), CODE 39, CODE 93, CODE128, GS1-128 (EAN-128), GS1 DataBar (RSS)

    Minimum Resolution

    2D Codes0.1 mm

    1D Codes0.1 mm


    Visual (1 Color LED)

    Communication interface


    RS-232CUSB (COM, HID)*1
    Connection Type

    Dsub-9 P

    USB connector (type A)

    Power supplyAC adapter
    Environmental requirements

    Protection ratingIP65G*2
    Drop resistance*3

    2.0 m x 6 times drop on concrete floor
    Weight (excl. cable)Approx. 210 g

    *1: USB (COM.HID) support 2 systems for USB keyboard interface and USB-COM interface.

    *2: Comply with JIS C0920. Interface cable connector covers locked condition is guaranteed.

    *3: This is a test value, not a guaranteed value.


  • GT20

    Software (separately sold):
    • USB Treiber (Aktiver USB-COM-Porttreiber)
    • Software zur Einstellung [z.B. SQRC Einstellung für 2D Code Modelle]
    • Software zur Tastatur-Emulation [QR_kbif]



    Software (separately sold):
    • Scanner Setting DPM
    • QR_kbif
    • SQRC® Setting


  • GT20

    • Scanner
    • Interface cable
    • AC Adapter
    • Operation Guide
    • Instruction Manual
    Optional Accessories (separately sold):
    • CH-GT20L (Charger)
    • NSBHT-1300 (Neckstrap)
    • K-GT10 (Waist Case)
    • BA20-RU/BA11-RKU (Bluetooth® communication unit)
    Holder (separately sold):
    • S-GT20 (Stand)
    • S-GT21 (Stand)
    • H-GT10 (Hands-free stand)
    • H-GT11 (Hands-free stand)
    • H-GT20 (Hands-free stand)
    • H-GT21 (Hands-free stand)




    Accessories (separately sold):
    • S-GT20 (Stand)
    • H-GT20 (Hands-free stand)
    • H-GT21 (Hands-free stand)