SF1 Wearable Scanner

SF1 Wearable Scanner

The SF1 Wearable Scanner keeps both hands clear for performing other tasks.

DENSO WAVE's SF1 Wearable Scanner is an ultra-lightweight scan unit combined with a hand attachment with integrated and cable-free trigger switch. Thanks to its innovative design, users can wear the SF1 Wearable attached to their wrists and operate it conveniently with their thumb. This keeps both hands clear for performing other tasks, which increases efficiency as well as work safety. 

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"The biggest advantage of our new wearable scanner, the SF1, is that users, for example in logistics, have both hands free to handle goods. This makes certain tasks such as order picking, much easier and helps increase work safety."

Kaber Kolioutsis, Marketing Communication Specialist at DENSO WAVE EUROPE
  • Completely wireless.
    The scanner and the trigger are linked to each other wirelessly thanks to a new switching technology. Pushing a button, which is integrated in the hand attachment, with your thumb triggers the SF1 Wearable Scanner.  

    Flexible design for flexible conditions – from a wearable to a handheld.
    The SF1 Wearable Scanner can also be removed from its hand attachment and be operated via a built in touch sensor, if the situation requires it. The smart wearable then becomes a classic handheld device. You will notice that the unit is barely larger than a remote control of a beamer: compact technology for flexible use.  

    Super lightweight scan unit.  
    With its tiny 80 g the SF1 Wearable Scanner is one of the most lightweight scanners in the industry. While ring scanners require one finger to carry the scanner’s complete weight, the SF1 scanner’s tiny weight is distributed comfortably over the complete back of the hand. This allows non-stop scanning without fatigue.  

    Extremely rugged.
    DENSO auto-ID products are designed for long product cycles. This is why a magnesium frame is built in the housing of the SF1 scanner. The material was purposefully selected by DENSO’s product developers: while the frame provides the SF1 Wearable Scanner with the DENSO typical resilience, it does not add too much weight.  

    Ultra connectivity.
    AndroidTM or iOS – the SF1 Wearable Scanner links to other devices without a hitch via HID (Human Interface Device) or SPP (Serial Port Profile).  

    Top notch reading performance.
    Thanks to a special scanning algorithm the SF1 has excellent reading capabilities. 1D as well as 2D codes can be scanned omnidirectional in high speed. Even damaged codes are no issue for the SF1 Wearable Scanner. Thanks to the LED illumination control, codes that are displayed on a monitor can be scanned as well.  

    Exact single scanning or multi-scan.
    The SF1 Wearable Scanner reads individual codes faultlessly, even if multiple codes are present within the scanning area. This accuracy prevents unnecessary repeated reads of faulty scans. If needed, the SF1 is also capable of reading up to three barcodes at once to reduce work time – can also read multiple interlinked QR Codes.  

    Read confirmation.
    Intuitive scanning in harsh environments: an integrated vibration alarm and LED indicators confirm successful scans.  

    Washable base.
    The base component of the hand attachment absorbs sweat and can be washed by hand. For comfortable and hygienic work conditions.

  • SF1 Wearable - Scanner specifications
    Type 2D code mode
    Case colour Dark grey
    Scanning mode Mode Area sensor
    Readable codes 2D code QR Code, SQRC, Micro QR Code, DataMatrix (ECC200), PDF417, Micro PDF417, Maxicode, Aztec, GS1 Composite
    Barcode EAN-13/8, UPC-A/E, UPC/EAN (with add-On), Interleaved 2 of 5, Standard 2 of 5, Codabar (NW-7), CODE39, CODE93, CODE128 (EAN-128), GS1 DataBar (RSS)
    Minimum resolution 2D code 0,167 mm
    Barcode 0,125 mm
    PCS value 0,3 mm
    Angle +/- 50°
    Scanning confirmation Confirmation LED's (blue, green, red), beeper, vibration
    Communication interface Method Bluetooth Ver.2.1 + EDR-based class 2
    Profile SPP, HID, SPP (for iOS)
    Power Source Lithium ion battery
    Operating time 24 hours
    Charging time 2,5 hours
    Environment requirements Degree of protection IP54
    Drop impact resistance*1 2,5 m, 1,5 m (100 mal), tumbling test: 0,5 m (3.000 times)
    Operating temperature*2 -20 °C to +50 °C
    Operating humidity 10 to 90% RH (no dew condensation and freezing)
    Operating illuminance max. 10.000 lux (under daylight fluorescent light)
    Weight approx. 80 g
    Trigger switch Button type or touch type
    Supported iOS models Made for iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPad Pro 12,9-inch (2nd generation), iPad Pro 10,5-inch, iPad (5th generation) and iPod touch (6th generation)

    *1: These ra test values only and not guaranteed.

    *2: When charging, the operating time is 0°C to +40 °C

  • SF1 Wearable - Accessories (sold separately)
    • Charging Unit
      • CH-SF11 (Main unit Charger)
    • Bluetooth communication unit
      • BA20-RU
      • BA11-RKU
  • SF1 Wearable - Software
    • Keyboard interface software *
    • Scanner Setting 2D *
    • SQRC® Setting *
    • BA Setting *
    • DENSO SF1 SDK for iOS *

    * Can be downloaded from the DENSO WAVE website (QBdirect).