UR20 Series (RFID Reader)

    Ultra-thin it is virtually invisible.

    Suitable for RFID applications with short distance reading, like at the POS, or with long distance data capture, like in warehouses, we present an all-round talent.


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    “The two models in the UR20 series, UR21 and UR22, were developed for completely different requirements. While the UR21 fits perfectly at the POS, reading RF tags at short distances, the UR22 could be easily fixed above a storage door, scanning RF labelled goods passing through from a distance of up to 2.5 meters. Our UR20 series is multifaceted.”

    Nicole Edler, Manager Sales Support
    • UR20 Technical Data

      Readable and recordable RF tagISO/IEC 18000-63 TypeC (EPC global Class1 Gen2) - supported tag

      Frequency (EU)865,7 - 867,5 MHz

      Channel width / number of channels600 kHz / 4 ch

      Transmission output500 mW ERP

      Modulation method


      Transmission rate40 kbps

      Reading distance*20 - 800 mm (Avery Dennison AD-826)0 - 2500 mm (Avery Dennison AD-229r6)
      Output adjustment5 - 23 dBm

      LED indication function

      PW (green), COM (red), ANT1 (orange), ANT2 (orange)


      RS232C (D-SUB 9P), USB (miniUSB B Type)LAN (RJ45), USB (mini USB B Type)

      Power supplyCustom AC Adapter (100 V)

      Current consumption1300 mA MAX (excluding inrush current)

      Operating temperature

      0°C to +40°C-5°C to +50°C

      Controller: 90 x 108,5 x 31 mm

      Antenna: 200 x 200 x 17,5 mm


      Controller: approx. 130g

      Antenna: approx. 360g

      Controller: approx. 130g

      Antenna: approx. 400 g


      Controller1 (incl. a rear cover and screws for securing the rear cover)

      Antenna1 (with VESA-compliant screw holes)

      Antenna cableDouble-end RF connector (GT27) cable (200 cm long)

      Antenna securing screws4

    • Software (sold separately):
      • Control Command DLL File
    • Components:
      • Controller (URCT-M21)
      • Antenna (URAN-R2)
      • Antenna cable (Antenna - Controller)
      • AC Adapter
      • Notes on safety
      • Screws for securing the antenna


      • Controller (URCT-M22)
      • Antenna (URAN-R3C)
      • Antenna cable (Antenna-Controller)
      • AC Adapter
      • Notes on safety
      • Screws for securing the antenna
      Option (sold separately):
      • Antenna fixture (B-URANR1-01)
      • Antenna for UR21 (URAN-R2)
      • Antenna for UR22 (URAN-R3C)
      • Antenna cable (CBAN-CGT272000/GT27-01)