BHT Security Package

BHT Security Package

Software for more BHT security

The BHT Security Package from DENSO WAVE supports companies in dealing with risks, such as malware, information leakage or theft and regulates the private use of the BHT devices.

Three components form the BHT Security Package:

  • BHTSetting - for blocking access to hardware components
  • BHTFirewall - for monitoring and controlling telecommunication
  • BHTSecurityManager - for displaying device errors


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  • With BHTSetting certain risks such as eavesdropping, hacking via bluetooth, data theft via USB and SD as well as hacking of device cameras can be reduced by deactivating the respective hardware components.

  • With BHTFirewall unwanted telecommunication can be blocked. 

    Filter communication

    • Setting enabled or disabled communication destination.
    • Enable/disable setting per app is also available.
    • Determination whether the device can be connected to Wi-Fi or shall only be connected to the cellular network is also available.
    • IPv6 settings are supported.

    Check communication

    • The communication test function allows listing the communication destinations of specific apps.
    • Whether apps have unintended communication can be checked in advance with the BHT Security Package.

    Communication log

    • Acquisition and analysis of communication logs enables monitoring unexpected communication.
  • Monitoring and visualizing the status of devices and behaviour.

    Visualizing the security status of devices

    • Monitoring suspicious behavior, such as several incorrect password entries.
    • Monitoring any change in the setting that has been done since staging.

    Support function for keeping the normal status of devices.

    • Support function for keeping the normal status of devices.
  • BHT Security Package (original DENSO WAVE security app)
    BHTSecurityManager Integrated security management tool Preliminarily installed in the body of BHT
    BHTSetting Total setting tool
    • The device disabling function needs to be paid for.
    • Other functions are for free.
    BHTFirewall Communication destination white list setting tool
  • Terminal Model OS
    BHT-1800 Series BHT-1800QWBG-1, BHT-1800QWBG-2,
    BHT-1800QWBG-3, BHT-1800QWB-1,
    BHT-1800QWB-2, BHT-1800QWB-3
    Android 7.1.2
    BHT-1700 Series BHT-1700QWBG-1, BHT-1700QWBG-2,
    BHT-1700QWB-1, BHT-1700QWB-2,
    BHT-1700BWB-1, BHT-1700QLWB-P
    Android 7.1.2
  • Product Product name Description
    Terminal BHT Security Package Standard license (One license per BHT)
    Unlimited license
    (Unlimited number of terminals can be installed with one license.)