P3 Finder Software Development Kit (SDK)

P3 Finder Software Development Kit (SDK)

Add an extremely fast and accurate RFID tag search function to your BHT-1800 Handheld Terminal in combination with an SP1 RFID Reader with the new P3 Finder SDK.

For everyone who doesn’t want to look for a specific item within their warehouse for hours, DENSO WAVE has the ideal solution in cooperation with RFLocus: a search function for RFID tags! Equipped with the SP1 RFID reader, a BHT-1800 handheld terminal and the P3 Finder, no hiding spot is safe anymore. Thanks to the P3 Finder, RFID tags can be localized extremely fast and even more accurately than with the conventional RSSI method. It can even display the locations of several RFID tags at a time in a radar like interface.


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  • Localize RFID tags in two dimensions.

    Move the RFID reader from left to right (or in reverse direction) to measure and display the tag's horizontal position. With a vertical movement the tag's vertical position is measured and displayed.


    RFID tag search function for various application areas.

    The P3 Finder SDK reduces the time for searching inventory or merchandise significantly. Whether it might be in warehouses, in retail or in factories is up to you. The applications areas various as long as the objects in question are equipped with an RFID tag. 


    Modify the P3 Finder according to your needs.

    The P3 Finder Software Development Kit leaves various options up to you. Design the search screen according to your personal taste for example. Or choose one or even several of the following applications at once:

    • Tag Search
    • Inventory
    • Shipping/Receiving
  • Smart Device OS
    iPod Touch, iPhone iOS 10.0 or moe
    BHT-1800 (DENSO), SH-M8 (SHARP) Android 6.0.1 or more