OCR Application

OCR Application

Optical character recognition for Android systems

OCR reading

Converts images of text characters taken with the BHT camera into actual text data.

Passport reading

Reads OCR codes printed on a passport.


The license must be purchased in order to utilize the converted data with other applications.

Supported BHT models

BHT-1600, BHT-1700, BHT-1800 (with rear camera)

Launching from another application

The additional license enables the application to be launched from another application and to send the read results to another application, if purchased.

Supported Fonts

OCR-A/B, Meiryo Times New Roman, Notebook, Arial, Arial Black,Century Gothic, Eurasia, Courier New, Century, Mason, Manuscript, Enchanted, Lucida Console, Lucida Sans Typewriter DFP Heisei Mincho W3, DFP Heisei Mincho W5, DFP Heisei Mincho W7, DFP Heisei Mincho W9, DFP Heisei GothicW3, DFP Heisei GothicW5, DFP Heisei GothicW7, DFP Heisei GothicW9, DFP Shinhosomaru-Gothic, DFP Futomaru Gothic, DFP Chukaisho MS Gothic, MSP Gothic, MS Mincho, MSP Mincho


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