RFID Inventory Management for Retail

RFID Inventory Management for Retail

Bringing the online experience to physical stores: by combining our efficient RFID technology with the cloud and mobile applications from DENSO WAVE partner RFKeeper we digitalise your inventory management.

RFID Inventory Management Solutions provide a greater visibility of the supply chain and minimise the risks of over / under stock, supply chain errors or shrinkage and ultimately contribute to an improved customer experience. Together with our partner RFKeeper we are able to offer a modular plug & play Inventory Management Solution tailored to your individual needs and that can cover the complete supply chain from factory to store.

User-friendly analytics dashboards, monitoring every item on your supply chain or managing and navigating the daily operations with real time insights are some of the optional functions of the Inventory Management System.

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“When companies consider multiple RFID vendors during a thorough bidding process, they often find that most solutions are too complex. RFKeeper’s ability to trial within 1 day, with no software integration (plug & play), while using and measuring all of the KPIs of RFID, is the right approach.”

Haim Bar-On, CEO at RFKeeper
  • Brand Protection

    It starts at the factory, providing a tagging & printing solution enabling Anti-Counter Fit and Grey Market monitoring protecting your brand and IP rights

    Supply Chain

    At the DC level, reducing staff engagement and increasing inbound and outbound times. Shipping validation, inventory count, tagging, printing and picking capabilities

    Omnichannel Operation

    All the way to the store, improve your inventory and sales efficiency by providing 100% shipment validation, inventory counts, search capabilities, replenishment reports

    Shopping Experience

    In addition, In-store customer engagement solutions are provided. Increase your sales with smart fitting rooms, digital signage, self-check-out and more


    Seamless intuitive cloud-based solution interacting with your retail teams


    BI Analytics & Dashboard

    User-friendly analytics dashboard for a data driven operation


    Leverage the power of live monitoring and real-time data on every item in your chain


    Modern management tools to better control and navigate the daily operations with real time insights

    Mobile Apps

    And mobile apps that enable simple and accessible communication between store teams and the HQ

  • RFKeeper provides the cloud and mobile applications. From DENSO WAVE comes the hardware that fuels the Inventory Management System: the SP1 UHF RFID Reader. Paired with our BHT-1800 handheld terminal it allows your employees to read the RFID tags attached to your items in the blink of an eye and automatically send the captured data to the RFKeeper cloud where it is being processed.

    The key benefits of the SP1 RFID Reader in a nutshell:

    • Reads up to 700 RFID tags per second depending on the operational environment
    • High speed reading at distances of up to 13 m
    • Its cross-dipole antenna reads RFID tags with any directionality
    • Ultra robust, it is suited even for harsh work environments such as in logistics and warehouses   

    Read more here: SP1 UHF RFID Reader


  • By digitalizing your inventory management you benefit from:

    •  Increased instore and online sales by 2-7%
    • 99% stock accuracy on the sales floor
    • 10 – 20% stock savings
    • 100% shipping validation accuracy
    • Reduced internal shrinkage by up to 80%
    • Improved accuracy from 75% to 99%, even for non-GS1 enabled retailers