Zone-D Laser Sensor

Zone-D Laser Sensor

Intelligent Perimeter Protection: the Zone-D Laser Sensor detects precisely the position of moving objects.

With state-of-the-art DENSO technology, it is possible to protect all types of perimeters reliably: thanks to the Zone-D laser sensor. Unlike line and curtain type sensors that detect from point to point, Zone-D detects large areas, making it hard for intruders to avoid being detected. If being connected to security equipment like PTZ cameras, lights or sirens, Zone-D is able to send signals and activate these devices, if an object is detected.

The Zone-D security area sensor cannot only be used for protection against intruders, though. It is also ideal for monitoring critical infrastructure, like railway crossings, train platforms and airport perimeters as well as water, electricity and gas installations as numerous successfully implemented projects in Japan prove.

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  • Reliable under all lighting conditions
    There are almost no too dark or too bright lighting conditions for the Zone-D laser sensor. It detects the position of moving objects with high accuracy, whether it might in the dark or at illuminances of up to 100.000 lux, where most cameras would hit their limits. Even rain and fog are no issue for the security laser sensor thanks to state-of-the-art DENSO technology.  

    Intelligent networking
    Equipped with an ONFIV compatible interface, the Zone-D area sensor can be connected to cameras for automatic tracking of detected objects. 3 normally closed (NC) contacts and 2 normally open (NO) contacts enable activation of external devices, such as lamps or sirens, when an object is detected. If needed, the connected security equipment can be activated with a delay.  

    Reduction of false detection
    The Zone-D laser sensor is capable of differentiating between people, cars and other objects. Thanks to this filter function, false detections that could be caused by birds, small animals, tree branches or leaves are reduced.   

    Wide range of application areas
    There are virtually no limits to the Zone-D laser sensor’s field of application. Whether it might be for detecting intrusions at car dealers, prevention of illegal and dangerous activities at reservoirs or for monitoring railway crossings: Zone-D detects moving objects with high accuracy and communicates with connected devices according to the individual requirements.

  • Model ZD-LS111-H ZD-LS111-M
    Environmental specifications Operation environment Temperature -20°C - 60°C
    Humidity 30% - 90% (no frost, no condensation)
    IP rating IP66 (JISC0920)
    Brightness (ambient light) Less than 100.000 Lux
    Safety Class 1 (IEC60825-1:2007)
    Environmental load substance RoHS available
    Power specifications Power 24VDC +10%/-15%
    Power consumption Less than 0.6 A
    Sensing specifications Sensing area

    60m x 30m (reflection rate: 10%)
    Note: The sensing area changes with the reflection rate of the object.

    Distance resolution 20cm
    Angular resolution 0.25 degrees
    Number of configurable zones 3 stationary object zones, 6 moving object zones and 4 crossing detection lines
    Auto tracking function Yes No
    Input / output port Input (Zone-D enable) 1 port
    Output (configurable by zone settings) 5 ports (no-voltage contact output)
    External connection Ethernet (RJ45 connector)
    Indicator Green / red 2 colour LED
    Protection Maintanence cover / front screen open sensing
    Dimensions (W/H/D) 138 mm (W) x 282 mm (H) x 140 mm (D)
    Weight 1,7 kg (including metal settings)
    Colour White


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