DENSO’s BHT-900 utilised in Parisian Hospitals

The tried and tested BHT-900 handheld terminal series from DENSO is a standard in Parisian hospitals that are grouped in the public hospital system Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP). All hospitals in the AP-HP group have implemented the BHT-900 in their establishment – or to be more precise: the BHT-904B and the CU-911. DENSO’s partner Butema France has developed customized applications for the hospitals and has integrated these into the BHT-900 terminal.

With the BHT-900, the patient’s medical records can be easily called up for review. For example, the controls done by the different services who require patient files are carried out via a direct connection to the central IT server (via Ethernet through the CU-911 cradle).

The refilling of patient records and the access to archived information can also be controlled and managed with the BHT-900 without any problems. If need be, the deletion of the patient records can easily be done with the DENSO device.

The right choice
Besides all of these advantages, the BHT-900 further convinced with other beneficial features that helped make it the right choice for the hospital system AP-HP. Firstly, with its light weight and smooth surface, the ergonomics of the device stood out as a definite advantage. Secondly, the simple usability was named as an important factor for choosing the device: the interaction between the medical staff and the mobile data capture device BHT-900 is simple and easy; the device is more than reliable and lets the employee focus on the most important functions required.

All in all, DENSO’s device BHT-900 coupled with Butema France’s applications have helped to facilitate all necessary processes related to the patient files in the hospital system AP-HP. As a result, the hospitals’ employees can now enjoy a smoother and more efficient working environment.



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