DENSO for manufacturing,
because that is our home.

A new level of quality for production.

Manufacturing is on the verge of a turning point. New concepts such as Industry 4.0 will fundamentally change processes and production methods.
DENSO is at home in the area of manufacturing. As part of the Toyota Group we are closely linked to automobile production and work within think tanks to develop innovative scanners and terminals that meet the highest requirements in relation to data acquisition and also anticipate trends.
Thanks to modern RFID technology, among other things, DENSO terminals and scanners facilitate the simple and continuous identification of goods along the entire supply chain. Crucially, they help to ensure that partial deliveries are traceable and arrive at their destination just in time – transparency that takes process quality to a new level. Stocktaking times are significantly cut.

Industrial group UPB uses DENSO's BHT-1600 in manufacturing plant