Mobile data capture in sales & field service

Employees face challenges where the supply chain ends, and field service goes the last mile to the customer. Transport drivers and customer service must adhere to a tight schedule, for which a smooth process is essential - delivering parcels or reading electricity meters, uploading the customer's signature in real time or transmitting readings to the headquarters. Effective time management is essential because customer service visits customers in several places every day.

With our mobile computers, employees in sales and field service are ideally equipped to master these challenges. Evidence for parcel delivery and services provided, route planning using GPS, real-time transmission of information to the central ERP system and efficient maintenance management thanks to communication with customer service are easily possible with our mobile devices.

Discover our solutions for sales & field service

Mobile data capture for parcel carriers

Hand over the package - Receive the recipient's signature - Send proof of receipt to the head office in real time. This is super easy with our mobile computers, such as the BHT-M80 with its extra-large 5“ touch display.

Mobile data capture for readings

Easily enter meter readings using the keyboard and feed them into the central system on the spot. This saves you and your employees time and money and is very easy to implement with our BHT-M60 devices.

On-site service

Accelerate on-site service - from digital order processing to the initiation of order processes. The head office is also informed of the current status in real time - in order to control, document and optimize processes on the last mile.

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