DENSO for field service,
because the last mile counts.

Quality from DENSO – developed for extremes.

Mobile data acquisition devices face particular challenges at the point where the supply chain ends and field service goes the last mile to the customer. Package deliveries in all weathers? DENSO scanners and terminals can withstand temperatures as low as –20 degrees. Their keypads and displays can also be reliably operated with gloves. Servicing automobiles, where our handheld devices come into contact with dirt or oil? Even if the screen and barcode are smudged, our scanners and terminals can read all data error-free. If they slip out of your hand, they can survive being dropped from heights of up to one and a half metres unscathed.
It is this kind of quality that is trusted by leading companies – from the logistics sector to the automobile industry. They equip their field staff and sales and service employees with DENSO data acquisition devices, because they know that they prove themselves even under extreme conditions. At the same time, they not only speed up service wherever they are used – from handling transactions digitally to initiating ordering processes. The head office is also kept up to date with the latest status in real time so that processes can be monitored, documented and optimised in the last mile.

In the near future, specific cases of our expertise in your sector can be read here. If you would like any information in advance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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