Mobile data capture at Brezelkönig – DENSO BHT-1200 provides automated logistics processes for industrial bakery.

The Swiss company Brezelkönig GmbH & Co KG in Emmenbrücke (canton Lucerne) produces pretzel pastries. In order to ensure compliance with food industry requirements, e.g. traceability and the monitoring of sell-by dates, the entire process from purchasing to sales is mapped for order processing using the DENSO handheld terminal BHT-1200.

Daily deliveries to currently 25 shops and external frozen storage facilities result in high stock turn rates with regards to inventories, order picking and stock movement. The product diversity of which the deliveries are comprised is quite broad: Around six tonnes of fresh, cooled or frozen raw material, as well as ready-baked pretzel products are received and dispatched every day.

Based on the specific requirements profile, implementation options were discussed with DENSO partner Spirig Systems GmbH and relevant processes were analysed in detail, resulting in an implementation concept that addressed all required processes. The implementation of the solution was realised step by step, starting with purchasing and followed by the integration of production, warehousing and sales.


The entire logistics process was to be integrated with the existing ERP solution to allow the maintenance and analysis of master data (e.g. products, warehousing information and prices) in one centralised system. The store cashier systems would similarly be integrated with the ERP system to guarantee full product traceability at any time. Mobile data capture would be implemented to support warehousing, production and sales, will all central functions of mobile data capture and logistics mapped in an automated IT system. For mobile data capture, Spirig Systems GmbH recommended DENSO’s top-rated devices, the handheld terminal BHT-1200.

Solution description


All product master data like product number, product name, batch or warehouse information is periodically exported from the ERP system’s order processing to the BHT-1200 terminal as part of an automated procedure. The DENSO device captures purchase orders from the so- called order book. The captured order is then processed in the purchasing module of the ERP system and forwarded to the supplier as a fax printout. The delivered goods are checked using the BHT-1200. The device captures the delivery quantity and sell-by date, automatically generating an internal batch number for batch-handled products. The delivery quantity of a product can be distributed across multiple crates. The user enters a storage code to define the allotted warehouse location for the crated product. The order is then transformed into a supplier invoice, purchasing costs are added and the document is then booked to accounts payable. Software services on the server monitor and control the continuous communication between the ERP software and the BHT-1200 via WLAN to ensure current data availability for the back office and for logistics at all times.

Stock movement and inventory

The stock movement function is applied universally for the movement of raw materials to production and for the movement of stock between warehouses. The function captures crates, always-batched products and not always-batched products, as well as finished goods and third party products.


The ERP software is linked to a special recipe control software. The standard production process is triggered by the Head of Production, who enters the production quantity in the baking plan. The recipe control program calculates the required raw material per dough batch (target quantity). The stock needed to fulfil the raw material requirement is then transferred to a specified production plant, where the goods are produced. The recipe control software reports the actual quantities used (actual quantity) back to the software to book out the relevant stocks and batches. Scales with an integrated barcode scanner check the correct weight of the goods packaged for the stores and simultaneously register the relevant crate number used as part of the internal batch number for warehousing. The products manufactured for retail are labelled with barcode EAN128 tags. After the weight check, an internal batch number is generated from the production data contained in the code. Retail products are moved to external deep-freeze warehouses, from where they are distributed to end customers via a logistics partner. At the end of each day, an AbaView report visualises the waste quantities calculated based on the target quantity and in accordance with the recipe control software against the actual stored quantity.


The stores capture their orders of pretzel products, drinks and toppings via the stores’ cash registers on a daily basis. All store orders are collected on the cashier server and then processed for import to the order processing software, where they are displayed as pending orders. A file is created automatically from workflow control, which is then loaded to the DENSO BHT-1200 terminals as a packing slip.

Benefits of the solution

Combining the BHT-1200 technology with their existing ERP software has resulted in many benefits for Brezelkönig. Automated batch management ensures full traceability and all data is stored electronically, allowing an immediate insight into who requested how much of what and for what reason at the touch of a button. Standardised processes minimise errors and facilitates the training of new employees. The system’s user-friendliness saves time, boosts motivation and safeguards quality. Warehouse utilisation is optimised and waste is minimised, resulting in direct cost savings. Time savings are furthermore achieved in logistics, as the automated order processing eliminates duplicate captures. With a central master data list in place in combination with a diverse product range, products can be easily blocked or released for purchasing and sales. Last but not least, the system allows a centralised management of sales prices and their direct transfer to cash registers.



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