No more surpluses in storage - Belinamont uses terminals of DENSO’s BHT-1300 series

Croatian company Belinamont uses the BHT-1306QWB by DENSO to optimize stockpiles and minimize surpluses in storage.

Belinamont is one of the leading sales companies on the Croatian market. They sell technical textiles and are specialized in solar protection such as awnings and lorry canopies. In order to optimize its storage management, the company was searching for a solution to minimize surpluses in storage. This solution was recently found: Belinamont now works with the handheld terminal BHT-1306QWB by DENSO.

DENSO’s partner Leoss was in charge of the installation. Leoss is a leading supplier for barcodes and RFID hardware and software. With the BHT-1306QWB by DENSO, Belinamont’s employees can quickly check the system to see which material they have in storage and know the exact location and amount. Hence, surpluses in storage were minimized and the management was optimized.

Handheld terminals of the BHT-1300 series by DENSO offer reliable scanners for mobile data capturing. The gadget scans codes from every direction and even oblique angles. Additionally, a wide viewing angle guarantees the display’s visibility, even in bright sunlight. DENSO is known for its reliable and efficient handheld terminals for mobile data capturing.

When goods are delivered to Belinamont’s warehouse, a 2D code label is generated directly for the material. This code label contains all the vital details about the material, the amount and the location. The information is visible in Belinamont’s central computer system due to the WiFi connection. Thus, the employees in the warehouse can easily check the system to see which material can be found at which location and in which amount. When a certain amount of material is taken out of storage, the 2D Code is scanned, the required amount is delivered and the remaining material gets a new, updated 2D code label. The new 2D Code label is created automatically on the mobile printer, as the BHT-1306QWB sends all the label details directly to it.

Due to the introduction of the BHT-1306QWB the management in Belinamont’s warehouse was optimized significantly. The material stockpiles have been reduced by 38 per cent because of the BHT-1306QWB in combination with the 2D code. Simultaneously, surpluses in storage and the related costs have also been reduced. In this regard, annual inventories have improved significantly as well: While they took four days before, they can now be managed in only one day.

With the introduction of the BHT-1306QWB the overall satisfaction of the employees has increased as their storage work can be done faster and is more efficient. The management is satisfied with the introduction of DENSO’s handheld terminals, too, as the resources in storage and the team can be managed more economically.

Consequently, Belinamont belongs to DENSO’s satisfied customers, because the experts for scanners and handheld terminals do not only offer high-end devices for mobile data capturing but also an excellent customer service.





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