Mastering Black Friday with Mobile Computers

Mobile computers from DENSO offer decisive advantages in order to meet the high demand at the annual shopping event.

Mobile Computers from DENSO WAVE for Black Friday

This year, Black Friday will be on November 27, 2020. Originally from the USA – Black Friday is traditionally the Friday after Thanksgiving – Black Friday is a retail shopping event where special discounts apply and customers are inspired to shop.

The study “Holiday Shopping 2020” by Integral Ad Science (IAS) shows that the ongoing Corona pandemic has an impact on customers’ shopping behavior, but not regarding the budget: 72 percent of Europeans plan to maintain or even increase their budget for Christmas gifts this year. However, due to the Corona pandemic, there will be a shift from stationary retail to online business. The upswing in e-commerce started in the spring of this year, and, according to experts, it is also expected for the current quarter.

DENSO WAVE EUROPE, part of the Toyota Group, offers mobile computers for mobile data collection, for instance the BHT-1800 and BHT-1700. The handhelds are essential devices to meet the shopping demand on Black Friday and beyond. With an increased demand, the employees in goods management, warehouse management, and also in the field are under more pressure. With mobile data collection, however, crucial processes in retail and also in the adjacent logistics can be accelerated. Thus, more customer satisfaction can be achieved.


It does not work without Mobile Data Collection

According to the “Holiday Shopping 2020” study, around 58 percent of consumers are already starting their Christmas shopping now, especially on Black Friday. Some of the precautions that retailers and logisticians have to take in order to successfully cope with the increasing demand, include ensuring the reliable and fast shipping of goods and creating a positive customer experience. With handheld terminals such as the BHT-1700 and BHT-1800 from DENSO, part of the Toyota Group, retailers and logisticians can master these requirements with mobile data collection. Not only can they optimally check their stocks in the warehouse, but also ensure that goods issues and shipping processes are improved so that customers have a positive shopping experience.

With the use of mobile data collection and especially RFID in logistics and retail as well as adjacent areas, for instance, warehouse management and transport, the inventory can be realized much faster than with manual processing. Thanks to mobile data collection, employees in order processing and other adjacent departments have direct access to the recorded data in real-time. In addition, the error rate is lower than with manual processing.

The VDE, one of the largest technology organizations in Europe, states that leading IT experts and management consultancies are forecasting the global economic added value of up to eleven trillion US dollars by 2025 through the Internet of Things (Iot), and thus, also mobile data collection. Retailers and all their adjacent departments have to react now.
With mobile Android computers such as the BHT-1700 and BHT-1800, DENSO WAVE EUROPE offers exactly the technical prerequisites to survive in the competitive market and to optimally collect mobile data.

The BHT-1800 is DENSO's mobile touch computer with the largest display since DENSO’s existence. The mobile computer offers the best possible view with its 5-inch display and is equipped with Asahi Dragontrail™ Pro Glass, which makes it particularly robust and therefore ideal for use in logistics and retail. The mobile data collection device in smartphone style is perfectly suitable for harsh working environments.

DENSO’s BHT-1700 handheld terminal combines a touch panel and keyboard. It offers a 4-inch display so that users can freely choose how they want to work with the mobile computer. They can scan, operate apps or make phone calls via the extra-large touchscreen. Or users register and order goods ergonomically using the keyboard. Both handhelds offer an efficient way of working in retail and logistics, which is particularly advantageous on Black Friday. More information about the shopping event Black Friday is available via the retail magazine iXtenso.

Mobile Data Collection is an essential Component of modern Processes

Especially on Black Friday and during the upcoming Christmas rush, the capacities of employees in retail and logistics are put to the test. If goods are not correctly registered in warehouse management, bottlenecks arise, which result in customer complaints. Mobile data collection is highly important to meet the requirements. A lot of satisfied feedback from DENSO customers shows that mobile data collection with handheld terminals and scanners is an essential part of modern processes in retail and logistics.

The retail sector in particular is constantly and rapidly changing due to competition online, and not just because of the Corona pandemic. Omni-channel is the answer for retailers in order to continue to thrive. With mobile computers, data can be collected more quickly and correspondingly be fed into the online shop faster.

In addition, the study “Trends in Retail 2025” shows that technical change is one of the biggest trends that will keep retail in suspense in the future. Half of the participants rely on the most widespread concepts, such as a retailer’s online shop or the option of checking the availability of items online. In the future, depending on the concept, this percentage is likely to increase to up to 80 percent, the study continues. Retailers and all their adjacent departments have to make even greater use of this customer behavior in order to be successful. Mail order sales in Germany have also grown dynamically in recent years. While the share was 7.2 percent in 2009 – traditionally or via the Internet –, in 2015, 11.7 percent were generated of mail order, 90 percent via the internet.

The customers of DENSO show how the retail sector accelerates its business: The customers use the modern Auto-ID terminals for mobile data collection to be more dynamic in their processes. Additionally, they can measure consumer behavior. The use of progressive RFID devices, which capture entire rows of shelves at the touch of a button, is particularly important during hectic times such as Black Friday and Christmas. This way, the time to manage incoming goods and inventories is massively shortened. Companies in retail and logistics save time, money, and nerves with mobile data collection. Hence, companies can concentrate on writing black numbers on Black Friday. One theory of the origin of the name is that companies have the chance to write black numbers instead of red ones on this high-demand Friday.

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