All hands free for quick scanning: DENSO WAVE launches robust SF1 Wearable

How can scanning be made faster and more convenient? By closing the gap between man and machine. That is the basic idea of the SF1: a miniature wearable that almost becomes a third hand. DENSO WAVE has developed a bespoke, highly ergonomic leather cuff for the scan device. It encases the hand completely – and is as comfortable to wear, as it is safe. The SF1 scanner unit is embedded in a pocket on the back of the hand. The scanner is triggered wirelessly with a gentle push of a button integrated inside the thumb of the glove. Meanwhile the user still has both hands free for other tasks.

SF1 Wearable Scanner

In a warehouse management and order picking environment, work safety is not the only thing that plays a major role. Ergonomic aspects must also be considered, as well as work efficiency. They both heavily influence daily operations. In addition, companies are now focusing more and more on employee satisfaction.

DENSO WAVE has reacted to the demands of the market and is now ready to launch a smart glove – the SF1 Wearable. Kaber Kolioutsis, Marketing Communication Specialist at DENSO WAVE EUROPE, explains: “The biggest advantage of our new wearable is that users have both hands free. This makes tasks much easier, for example order picking, and also helps increase work safety.”

Due to its Magnesium frame, the Wearable Scanner is both robust and very light

Furthermore, because its inner frame is made of magnesium, the SF1 Wearable from DENSO WAVE is extremely robust, which is an essential feature in warehousing and logistics. The newest scanner from DENSO WAVE can withstand up to 3,000 drops from a height of half a metre. What makes magnesium special is that it is not only very robust but also very light. Hence, the SF1 Wearable Scanner by the specialists for mobile data collection scores both with its robustness and its light weight.

Ergonomic Design and intuitive Working thanks to the smart Scanner

The ergonomic design of the SF1 Wearable Scanner is another advantage. In comparison to ring scanners, where the entire weight of the scanner rests on the fingers, the very light 80 grams of the SF1 Wearable from DENSO WAVE are evenly distributed over the whole hand of the user. Kolioutsis adds: “Users of the SF1 Wearable can work intuitively, because the device indicates by vibration, or by the flashing of different LEDs or even a beep, if the corresponding codes have been scanned correctly. That is a great advantage especially in very loud surroundings, which are typical for logistics and warehousing.” Furthermore, the battery performance of up to 24 hours is a clear advantage of the modern Wearable Scanner, as numerous processes, for example in logistics and warehousing, can be carried out without any interruptions. The SF1 Wearable is also compatible with many smart devices. It can easily be connected to a PC, tablet or smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. iOS, Windows and Android are all supported.

High-speed Scanning of Codes from every Direction

Since the SF1 Wearable makes high-speed scanning possible, employees, for example, in logistics and warehousing, save a great deal of time. In addition, barcodes and QR Codes can be read even if they are damaged or if they are not printed on paper but displayed on a mobile telephone screen. The users do not have to twist their hands uncomfortably to do this. Instead, they can simply point the SF1 Wearable in the direction of the code as omnidirectional scanning is supported. And if a code is hard to reach, the SF1 Wearable simply becomes a mobile scanner: Once it has been removed from the wearable attachment, the scanner can continue to be used wirelessly. DENSO WAVES’s SF1 Wearable is also IP54 certified against dust and water, and it can be used at temperatures between -20 and +50 degrees Celsius.

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