World-leading scanning performance improved: DENSO launches new SP1 Autopilot function

With the Autopilot function, companies accelerate their processes by up to 50 percent and save time and costs during inventories.

RFID technology does not just exist since yesterday, but especially now, it has a major impact on the profits and losses of companies, for example in retail and logistics. RFID tags that are attached to goods can be read with mobile computers in such a way that real-time results for transactions, stock levels or the order history of customers are displayed. With the SP1, DENSO WAVE EUROPE has already launched an RFID scanner that turns simple smart devices into high-speed UHF RFID scanners. The new SP1 Autopilot function accelerates processes even more. Thanks to it, the SP1 scans tags even faster and more completely than before. Compared to the previous performance, companies can reduce their inventory time by up to 50 percent. The SP1 RFID scanner has the highest reading performance in the industry.

Improved warehouse management with RFID: SP1 even more precise thanks to Autopilot

A study from the University of Leicester found that RFID improves inventory accuracy by more than 25 percent. While the accuracy was around 65 to 75 percent before the technology was used, it was increased to 93 to 99 percent with RFID. The almost self-explanatory SP1 Autopilot provides decisive support for employees in retail and logistics. The reading mode adapts automatically to the situation, meaning that the highly sensitive tags are scanned first, followed by the difficult tags. This saves a lot of time when taking inventories. The ergonomically designed handle and the low weight of only 400 grams make the SP1 RFID scanner an ideal companion for processes.

High-speed through Bluetooth pairing: SP1 transforms smart devices

The pairing between the SP1 and a smart device is quick and easy: fastenings or quad locks on the SP1 ensure that DENSO devices, such as the BHT-1800, but also smart Android and iOS devices, can be connected easily. The connection itself is made by reading a QR Code on the SP1 and by using the Connection App. While users were able to scan up to 700 RFID tags per second from a distance of up to 13 meters, they can now scan up to 1,000 tags per second with the Autopilot function for the SP1. The RFID scanner thus covers an area of up to 530 square meters – a great advantage for warehouse management and inventories. The new Autopilot has been available since software version 1.14. The OS and SDK of older devices can be updated with an upgrade. The latest software version can be found as a download here.


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