Change of management at DENSO WAVE EUROPE

DENSO WAVE EUROPE says farewell to President & Managing Director Keiichi Yamazaki as well as Executive Vice President & Head of Sales Luc Stals. Theo Rappoldt, former Senior Director After Market & Industrial Solutions at DENSO EUROPE, will take over their responsibilities.

Keiichi Yamazaki & Luc Stals

Whether it was with Toyota Tsusho ID Systems or TT Network Integration: Auto-ID solutions from DENSO WAVE have been present in the European market for a long time, thanks to a team of dedicated people who identified themselves with DENSO so much, that they would even go as far as presenting themselves as DENSO, even when they were officially TTNI-E employees. Thankfully, a couple of years ago it was decided to change this to the better and give the DENSO WAVE brand its own representation in Europe, made up of exactly those dedicated Auto-ID specialists at TTNI-E.

For this purpose, Keiichi Yamazaki joined the team. Having worked at DENSO WAVE in Japan previously, Keiichi was sent from Japan to Europe with the mission of establishing DENSO WAVE EUROPE and helping the new organisation to get on track as its first president and managing director. “Thanks to our colleagues’ contribution and customers’ patronage I was able to spend wonderful and exciting days in Europe.”, says Yamazaki. However now, two years after DENSO WAVE EUROPE’s successful foundation, it is time for him to return home to Japan. “I will continue my journey with DENSO WAVE in the sales planning division, supporting the group globally”, he adds.

At Keiichi’s side was Luc Stals. Having joined Toyota Tsusho ID Systems back in 2004 as Head of Sales for DENSO WAVE’s Auto-ID solutions in Europe, Luc has had an important role for the organisation – not only because of his vast knowledge of the Auto-ID market, but also because of his determination and his role of a leading figure and mentor. “What has made working for this company most special to me, are the people who give their all every day! To me they feel like family.”, says Stals.  “So, when there were plans to establish DENSO WAVE EUROPE with the group of people at TTNI-E who specialised in Auto-ID products, it was important for me to be part of it and help the organization to get on track in my new role as executive vice president.”, he adds. Two years after the successful foundation, Luc has seen the right moment arrive to pass on the baton and retire.  

But where a door closes, another opens. Following into both their footsteps as Managing Director & Head of Sales, Theo Rappoldt joined DENSO WAVE EUROPE just recently. Having worked for Dutch based DENSO EUROPE as Senior Director After Market & Industrial Solutions, Theo is no stranger to the DENSO group. “Even though DENSO WAVE solutions are different from what Theo was used to from his former position, I’m glad that someone from the DENSO family takes over.”, says Yamazaki. “Knowing that, I can enjoy my retirement with peace of mind.”, adds Stals jokingly.

The whole DENSO WAVE family wishes Keiichi and Luc all the best for their journey and wants to say thank you!



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