Navigation TAG

Navigation TAG

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Navigation TAG is a semi-passive UHF band RFID tag that helps locate goods and assets in warehouses. Equipped with an LED that lights up when the tag is scanned with an RFID reader, Navigation TAG offers greater accuracy than the RSSI search function. Thanks to the semi-transparent housing, the LED light is clearly visible from both the front and the side.

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    • A bright LED on the housing ensures visibility in both dark and lighted environments.
    • The LED can also be activated from a distance of up to 8 metres *1 from the day.
    • Thanks to the semi-transparent housing, the LED can not only be seen from the front, but also from the side.
    • High durability *2.
    • Simple basic setting for implementation
      • Easy kitting with a QR Code ®
      • By reading the QR Code ® with the unique electronic product code (EPC) on the back of the tag, you can easily link data between multiple tags.
    • Efficient battery usage
      • A battery level monitor notifies users when the batteries need to be replaced.
      • A feature that prevents the device from being left on extends battery life.
    • Flexible installation
      • The special design allows users to choose how they want to attach the tag to surfaces.
    • Easy battery change
      • The batteries can easily be changed with a coin.
      • Button cells available on the market can also be used.

    1: The range is a reference value for the SP1 and can be influenced by ambient conditions.
    2: Fall test (from a height of 1.2 m on concrete floor) (20 tags were tested)

  • Factory - Instructions / digital order picking
    Optimize the instructions as to which component to include on the production line. Or use it for digital order picking.

    Warehouse - Find packages that need to be delivered in the warehouse
    Scan the QR code or the corresponding number in the list and find the item you want.

    Warehouse - find items / assets
    Scan the QR code or the corresponding number in the list and find the item you want.

    Hotel - find luggage
    Scan the QR code or the number on the badge given to the hotel guest and find the luggage quickly and easily.

  •   Specifications
    Production Taiwan, Securitag Assembly Group
    Communication Band 860~960MHz, Global band
    Power Supply Battery (Button Cells CR2032)
    Operation Tim 100 days
    Condition: 1 cycle (1sec: LED On, 59 sec: LED Off) x 1440 times/day

    *The operation time is a reference value and might be change depending on
    operation environment.
    *The value is based on using Panasonic’s CR2032.
    Writing/Reading Distance Max 8m

    *The reading distance is a reference value in case of using SP1. It might be different depending on the operation environment
    Operation Temperature -30 to +60°C

    *Please use it under SP1’s operation range (-20 to 40°C)
    IP Rate Equivalent to IP53
    LED Colour Red
    Material Polycarbonate
    Weight Approx. 26g (with battery)
    Attached with Screw (M5), double side tape, cable ties etc.

    *Not provided. Must be provided by customer.


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