QR Code® Solutions from the Inventor of the QR Code®

Have QR Codes® created directly by the inventor of the QR Code®? Yes, it's possible - at DENSO WAVE. We invented the QR Code® in 1994 and have been constantly developing it ever since. So if you are looking for an individual QR Code® solution, you have the strongest partner at your side - stronger than any QR Code® generator.

What is a QR Code and how does it work?

QR Codes® are two-dimensional data storage devices in the form of a small square matrix with a black and white pattern of dots. Each black and white dot forms one of up to 177 x 177 encoded modules. Embedded in these modules is the information that is decoded very quickly with a QR Code® scanner. After all, the abbreviation "QR" stands for "Quick Response". In general, a QR Code® can process all types of data: numeric and alphabetic characters, symbols, digital binary and control codes. The high error correction makes the QR Code® particularly successful.

Creating QR Code® with high error correction

QR Codes® are much more resistant to dirt and damage than barcodes or data matrix codes, for example. The extensive error correction function makes this possible: information is embedded several times and can even be read when up to a third of it is illegible. This makes the DENSO WAVE invention very reliable as an information carrier.

QR Codes® store more information than barcodes

A conventional barcode can store a maximum of 20 digits. A QR Code® can store 200 times as much information and transmit it to a QR Code® scanner at top speed. Since the QR Code® transmits information both horizontally and vertically, it can display the same amount of data in about one-tenth the space of a conventional barcode. The Micro QR Code® from DENSO WAVE is suitable for very small print formats.

Ideal readability as the goal

A QR Code® generator produces the best-known 2D code according to a defined pattern position distribution: three squares at the corners serve as recognition points for the reader. In this way, background interference can be circumvented and stable reading of the generated QR Code® at maximum speed can be guaranteed.

Applicable in every area of work and life

You can find them everywhere these days, as every smartphone can now read the established 2D codes. Especially in the corona pandemic, the codes have found important uses: For example, as a digital vaccination certificate. The code can be reliably checked with a CovPassCheck app. The QR Code® is also being used more and more as a payment system. Other popular functions that QR Codes® enable are

  • forwarding via a link to a website or specific URL,
  • create a vCard,
  • display a simple static text
  • Sending a pre-written SMS or e-mail message
  • the direct calling of a telephone number
  • the deposit of a WiFi password,
  • a link to social media channels
  • downloading a specific app or pdf file
  • calling up an image
  • and many other variations.

Simple and effective QR Code® solutions

Whether solutions for creating QR Codes® or for reading them - in our range you will find the right solution for your application. You want to stand out and individualise your QR Code® with an image or your logo, for example? Our Frame QR Codes offer you design flexibility. Or use our QR Code® based face recognition for more security. Discover our QR Code® solutions for process optimisation at work and in private life now.

Frame QR

Frame QR

Individualise your QR Codes® and stand out from the crowd.

Mit der QR Code basierten Gesichtserkennungs-Technologie ist es möglich, Gesichtsdaten auf einen Secure QR Code zu speichern und diesen Code an Zutrittskontrollpunkten zu nutzen.

QR Code Face Recognition

Ensure more security with our QR Code® facial recognition.

Q Platform

Q Platform

Use the Q Platform cloud server to generate and read codes and store relevant data about the codes.

QR Code Reader

QR Code App "QRQR"

Read QR Codes quickly and reliably with the QR Code Reader App from the inventor of the QR Code himself.

rMQR Code

The classic QR Code in rectangular format.

QR Codes® are used in almost all industries and work areas. We have listed some application examples that illustrate how QR Codes® simplify work and also make it safer.

Packaging and storage- QR Code® labels are applied to packaging cartons after verification with the shelf numbers and stored. The main advantage is the quick traceability of the stored goods.

Error-free picking- A QR Code® prevents errors when assembling specific partial quantities. This can be a customer order or a production order. Another potential benefit in this context is real-time dispatch management.

Higher labour efficiency- QR Codes® contribute significantly to improving labour efficiency. Errors due to purely visual inspection can be avoided through them.

Accurate incoming goods inspection- Items are simply scanned at goods receipt, significantly reducing labour time. Similar goods can be distinguished more easily and without errors.

Transparent process management- real-time process management improves work efficiency. QR Codes® support this by providing accurate feedback on delivery times and speeding up processes.

Improved brand image- Scanning QR Codes® can be used to monitor possible counterfeiting or illegal distribution of products. An important building block for a clean brand image.

Passenger control in public transport- Fast control of passengers in buses and trains: Tickets of passengers can be checked quickly with a scan. Burdens on staff are reduced.

Admission control at events- Mobile QR Codes® simplify admission control at events enormously: The much faster admission avoids long queues, costs for printing tickets are reduced and there is the possibility to sell tickets shortly before admission to reduce sales losses.

Award-winning work: IEEE Milestone Award

The QR Code® invented by DENSO WAVE has received the IEEE Milestone Award from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. The IEEE recognised the QR Code® for its contribution to improving the production and management of companies and for its worldwide dissemination as an important tool for the exchange of information and data in a wide range of applications and industries.

Continuous development: building on knowledge

Even 25 years after its development, DENSO WAVE continues to develop the functions of the QR Code® - in the form of further QR Code® types. For example, DENSO WAVE has developed the SecureQR Code (SQRC). It does not differ in design at first, but significantly in its function: it stores two types of data - public and private - in a single code. This means that public data can be easily read with any smartphone, but the private data is still encrypted and is only disclosed to appropriate devices in a password-protected manner.

The second advancement is the FrameQR, which strikes a balance between free design and security. Here, all data is stored in the frame. This makes it possible to insert different graphics in the middle, for example a picture or a logo. Whoever now thinks that this function has been used in QR Code® marketing for a long time is right - but not legally secure in its use. This is only offered by the FrameQR.

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