Powerful RFID solutions: RFID scanners, RFID readers, antennas and more

Simply optimise and accelerate work steps: With our RFID scanners and solutions, we offer you a wide range of efficient tools for your work processes. Our devices convince with outstanding reading speed, long range and high robustness. In addition, our internet-enabled products also support modern cloud solutions. Discover our SP1 RFID scanner with particularly high reading speed or our reader for warehouse applications now.

RFID technology: More efficiency, transparency and process reliability

From logistics to industry to retail: efficient work processes are crucial in every industry. The fast and secure identification of goods and products plays a major role in this. RFID readers speed up scanning processes and make work easier without compromising on error-proneness or convenience. On the contrary: RFID readers are among the most secure and fastest reader solutions and deliver the best results in data capture - provided they are optimally adapted to their individual application and the nature of the environment. To do this, you need to understand how RFID or RFID transponders and RFID readers work.

How RFID works - What is RFID?

RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification. It is the technology for contactless data exchange between an RFID transponder and an RFID reader or RFID scanner. An RFID system therefore always consists of an RFID transponder and an RFID reader (transmitter-receiver system). RFID transponders are often also called RFID tags. In order for an RFID scanner to capture data, it builds up a high-frequency electromagnetic field that activates the passive RFID transponder. The high-frequency energy it absorbs via the antenna serves as a power supply for its integrated chip during the data exchange. The information is stored on this chip. The activated chip in the RFID tag decodes the commands sent by the RFID reader, encodes the response and sends it back to the reader through the electromagnetic field. Conversely, information can also be stored on the chips in this way. For data exchange via RFID, there does not have to be any direct contact or line of sight between the reader and the RFID transponder. Thus, each RFID tag can be detected by all electrically non-conductive materials.

RFID readers: Capture multiple items simultaneously without line of sight

Unlike barcode scanners or QR code scanners, for example, RFID readers can scan multiple items simultaneously thanks to the way they work. Moreover, the readers do not have to read a code, but can scan RFID tags "blind" over a reading range of up to 15 metres. For example, if you have a packed pallet with several goods, each individual product would actually have to be scanned at goods receipt. This takes a lot of time and is error-prone. Thanks to RFID, the reader can simply scan the entire pallet or the RFID tags on it without contact. In this way, the number and type of products are transmitted securely in real time - without "touching" the pallet.

The right RFID solution for your project - many areas of application

Whether handheld, stationary or ultra-slim, our range offers the right RFID device for every purpose. The RFID readers can be used in many different ways, for example for work in the warehouse, at the checkout, for shipping inspections and in stocktaking. Our robust RFID readers work trouble-free and are also perfectly suited for rough working environments. Our readers are characterised by the highest quality in workmanship and function. See for yourself and make your selection.

Find the right RFID solution for your project

RFID based stock management for retail

RFID Inventory Management for Retail

Minimise risks such as inventory surpluses and shortages and receive accurate inventory data along the supply chain in real time. With our RFID devices in combination with digital applications, we offer you the ideal end-to-end solution for your business.

RFID for POS systems

RFID for your POS System

The key advantage of RFID? There are two: precision and speed! With RFID, you can capture large quantities of goods in a matter of seconds. Use this advantage for your cash register system, for example. With our RFID readers and antennas, we offer you the right hardware.

Warehouse management with RFID

Warehouse Management with RFID Readers

In production and assembly, information about your inventory is essential. You can only keep stocks and orders at an optimal level with maximum inventory visibility. Use our RFID readers and antennas for your warehouse gates to record incoming and outgoing goods quickly and precisely for instance.

Shipping controls with RFID

Shipping Controls with RFID

Speed ​​and accuracy are two crucial factors in shipping. With our RFID scanners you can combine and use these two factors from the picking to the dispatch and packing control.

Find the right RFID product now

RFID Stock Management

RFID Inventory Management

End-to-end solution for retail, combining DENSO RFID devices with RFKeeper cloud and mobile applications. Provides full data insights along the supply chain.

SP1 RFID Handheld Reader


RFID handheld device for connection with BHT handheld terminal or common smartphone via Bluetooth. Reads up to 700 RFID tags per second at distances of up to 13 metres.

UR40 RFID Reader and Antenna

UR40 RFID Reader & Antenna

Fixed-type industrial RFID reader and antenna for warehouse applications. Reads up to 700 RFID tags per second at distances of up to 6 - 8 metres.

UR20 RFID Reader and Antenna

UR20 RFID Reader & Antenna

Fixed-type RFID reader and antenna. Ideal for short distance RFID applications like at the POS.

SE1 Handheld Reader

SE1 Reader

Pocket-sized handheld reader with Bluetooth connection, available in three models. The RFID model reads RFID tags at distances of up to 30 mm and is also able to read 1D codes.


Navigation TAG

Semi-passive UHF band RFID tag equipped with LED. Lights up when scanned with an RFID reader and helps to locate goods.


Get your free of charge RFID DEMO Kit.

E-Paper TAG

Electronic paper (in short: E-Paper Tags) combined with RFID technology. E-Paper Tags present a paperless and efficient solution that automates the reading and writing of data.

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Our Bestsellers

Discover our most popular RFID scanners now and optimize your work processes quickly and easily.

SP1 RFID Reader
SP1 RFID Reader

With its outstanding reading speed of 700 tags per second and a reading distance of up to 13 metres, the SP1 High Speed UHF RFID Sled has the highest level of reading performance in the industry. And turns easily your smartphone or tablet into a RFID handheld reader.

*According to DENSO Wave 09/2018

zum Produkt SP1 RFID Reader
UR20 Series (RFID Reader)

Suitable for RFID applications with short distance reading, like at the POS, or with long distance data capture, like in warehouses, we present an all-round talent.

zum Produkt UR20 Series (RFID Reader)
SE1 Series

The handy pocket scanner is available either as barcode scanner, as a 2D version for reading QR Codes® or in its expansion - as SE1-BUB-C - also with the RFID technology. Consequently, it is usable in various application fields.

zum Produkt SE1 Series

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