Software solutions - quality and efficiency through the right software

We make the process for you - secure, efficient and digital. With the right software solutions for your business processes, we not only promote your corporate management, but also take digitalisation in your company to the next level. So that software and hardware mesh smoothly and more than meet your requirements and those of your customers.

Software solutions for every requirement: More performance for your processes

In the age of Industry 4.0 and the IoT, customised software solutions are crucial for efficient workflows. Companies need to meet the digital and technological challenges in their operations while systematically keeping an eye on the market. Whether in production, warehousing or retail and wholesale: software solutions serve as an important basis for the automation and optimisation of processes - among other things through efficient data collection and processing.

Software solutions for logistics, retail and more

As experts in scanner technology, we provide software solutions that optimally meet the requirements of logistics and retail companies, for example. Among other things, our software solutions support electronic inventory, the management of mobile computers and the creation of individual barcodes and QR Codes® for numerous applications.

Our software solutions for businesses

Our software solutions have been proven to increase productivity, efficiency and quality in their field of application. They take up proven processes in the company and optimise them sustainably. Depending on the application, we offer different software that makes work easier for you and your employees in different ways. Our BHT remote software can display the screen of a BHT handheld terminal on a PC and control it from there. We also have software solutions that allow you to quickly and easily increase BHT security. Or generate your own barcodes without any problems. Discover more information about our software range now.


Find the right Software now

BHT-Basic 4.0

With our utility software you can develop BHT applications more easily.

Bar Code/2D Code Generator

Generate and develop 2D and barcodes independently.

Terminal Emulations/Browser

Create your own apps without having to write codes or use a wireless barcode handheld terminal for online transactions.

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