BHT Remote

BHT Remote

Control BHT devices conveniently from your PC

BHT Remote lets you share the screen of your BHT devices with your PC and control the device remotely. This allows quick support, without having to go to the according device's location.

Three modes are available with BHT Remote:

BHT Remote - Assistant Mode:
Lets you support the BHT user remotely, by sharing the BHT's screen on your computer and giving you control over the according BHT device. The Assistant Mode can also be used for other purposes such as trainings.

BHT Remote - Desktop Mode:
The BHT screen is displayed and operated on PC while it is faded out on the BHT device. Allows the discrete entering of passwords and chaning of settings that should not be observed by the BHT user.

BHT Remote - View Mode:
Allows the displaying of one or several BHT screens on the PC. For monitoring terminals that are in operation. 

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  • Applicable terminals

    Terminal Modell OS
    BHT-1800 series BHT-1800QWBG-1, BHT-1800QWBG-2,
    BHT-1800QWBG-3, BHT-1800QWB-1,
    BHT-1800QWB-2, BHT-1800QWB-3
    Android 7.1.2
    BHT-1700 series BHT-1700QWBG-1, BHT-1700QWBG-2,
    BHT-1700QWB-1, BHT-1700QWB-2,
    BHT-1700BWB-1, BHT-1700QLWB-P
    Android 7.1.2

    Applicable OS for PC

    • Windows 10
    • Windows Server 2012/2016/2019
  • BHT Remote Standard License
    One license per BHT is required.

    BHT Remote Premium
    Unlimited license: unlimited number of handheld terminals can be installed with just one license.