Device Management System (DMS) for BHT Terminals

Device Management System (DMS) for BHT Terminals

DMS manages all of your BHT devices conveniently from one computer.

DENSO's Device Management System, or short DMS, saves your employees a lot of time and costs for the management of all the BHT mobile devices that are in use in your company. Instead of having to manage each device separately, with DMS they now have a hold of every BHT device conveniently from their desk. 

DMS gathers information from every BHT handheld terminal that is connected to the system and makes it easily accessible for the user. This way your BHT responsible has an overview of every device's battery or memory status for instance. Even the BHT's locations can be checked. In case of a detected theft, the according device can be locked in order to prevent data misuse. With DMS there is also no need to install applications or the operating system separately on each device any longer. Simply batch distribute and update software at an individually pre-set time. Easy as that.

Your BHT devices manage your data. DMS manages your BHT devices.

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  • Provides transparency.
    Always know each device’s battery status, memory capacity, application information and other pieces of data – conveniently from your computer. DMS lists each device and even lets you organise your company’s BHT stock in groups. If the battery or free memory are below an individually pre-set value, the device management system alerts you.

    Increases security.
    With DMS the user can set a permission area, in which the BHT devices may be located. If a handheld terminal leaves that permission are, the device management system will activate an alert. This way the user is able to identify a possible theft. In that case, the according device can be locked from the device management system in order to prevent misuse.

    Smart communication.
    DMS has got a message function that lets you send messages directly to one or multiple BHT devices at the same time. This way the DMS user can communicate directly with the BHT user in case of a malfunction for instance. The device management system also lets you know, whether your message has been read or not.

    Distributes and updates software.
    Installing or updating software on each device separately can get tedious. It costs a lot of time and results into long down times. DMS allows you to batch distribute software to every connected BHT handheld terminal at the same time – whether it might be applications or even the operating system. Bulk updates are also possible with DMS and can be performed at an individually pre-set time that suits your company’s needs best.

    Easily connected.
    The convenience begins with the staging: connect every BHT device with DMS at the same time, either by QR Code® or via Wi-Fi. That is how it goes, when DENSO WAVE hardware and DENSO WAVE software work together perfectly.

  • Series Model OS
    BHT-M80 BHT-M80-QWG, BHT-M80-QW Android 10
    BHT-M60 BHT-M60-QWG, BHT-M60-QW Android 10
    BHT-1800 BHT-1800QWBG-1, BHT-1800QWBG-2, BHT-1800QWBG-3, BHT-1800QWB-1, BHT-1800QWB-2, BHT-1800QWB-3 Android 7.12
    BHT-1700 BHT-1700QWBG-1-A7, BHT-1700QWBG-2-A7, BHT-1700QWB-1-A7, BHT-1700QWB-2-A7, BHT-1700BWB-1-A7, BHT-1700QLWB-P-A7 Android 7.12
    BHT-1600 BHT-1600QWBG-A6N-S, BHT-1600QWBG-A6N-RS, BHT-1600QWB-A6N-S, BHT-1600QWB-A6N-RS Android 6.0
    BHT-1400 BHT-1461QWB-CE, BHT-1461QWB-CE-O, BHT-1461BWB-CE Wndows Embedded Compact 7
    BHT-1300 BHT-1361QWB-CE, BHT-1361BWB-CE Wndows Embedded Compact 7
    BHT-1200 BHT-1261QWB-CE(WEC7), BHT-1261BWB-CE(WEC7), BHT-1261BWB-CE(H-WEC7) Wndows Embedded Compact 7
    BHT-1261QWB-CE, BHT-1261BWB-CE, BHT-1261BWB-CE(H), BHT-1281QULWB-CE Windows Embedded CE 6.0
  • Function Description BHT DMS
    Lite Standard
    Device information Setting and status values of device number, IP address, battery capacity Yes Yes
    Connection status Display of wireless LAN connection status of the device Yes Yes
    Device setting updates Update of device set-up information like Wi-Fi setting Yes Yes
    Staging Easy setting to connect with management tool (CSV bulk registration) Yes Yes
    Application / OS version management Batch distribution and updates of applications and OS Yes Yes
    Group management Individual organising of BHT devices in groups (security setting, application distribution etc.) No Yes
    Communikation Sending / receiving messages No Yes
    Remote access Cooperate Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Yes Yes
    Security Management Lock password No Yes
    Deleting data on device No Yes
    Remote lock in case of theft No Yes
    Limiting the use of certain functions / camera No Yes
    Application collaboration List up display of all application information No Yes
    Alert Warning of battery, memory capacity and possible theft No Yes
    Device search Alarm operation in case of theft No Yes


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