DENSO for the healthcare sector,
because quality is our most precious asset.

Mobile data acquisition based on the zero defects principle.

Nowhere else is the quality of elementary data as important as in the healthcare sector – in some cases it is even of vital importance.
That is why renowned hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies rely on mobile data acquisition solutions made by DENSO. Hospitals use our scanners and terminals, for instance, to ensure that patient wristbands and electronic patient records can be read error-free – even when they are damaged. This allows them to safeguard their treatment quality and optimise care pathways. Pharmacies guarantee medical care, because DENSO data acquisition devices give them precise information about their inventory of medicinal products. Such information is reliable and transparent – from the amount of products in stock to their shelf life. With this knowledge they can order new supplies from pharmaceutical companies, which in turn use DENSO to keep track of process chains from the outgoing goods department to the point of delivery – improving processes and guaranteeing the availability of essential medication.
For the benefit of the patient.

DENSO’s BHT-900 utilised in Parisian Hospitals