Data management in production and in the warehouse

Digitally well positioned - with data management for production and warehouse

Fast, flexible and secure handling of goods are essential factors in modern manufacturing and warehouse logistics. The trend towards adaptable and scalable "Industry 4.0" is therefore forcing companies to rethink. Interruptions in the production and logistics chain must be avoided and rapid material availability from the warehouse must be guaranteed. To achieve this, it should be possible to track stocks immediately and reorders should be placed in good time. Efficient, flexible and individual hardware and software solutions, combined with transparency and the ability to make quick decisions, are therefore essential. DENSO has both the optimal scanning and reading devices as well as the appropriate software ready for you.

Data management through mobile data capture in warehouse logistics and manufacturing

Secure, efficient data capture is the key to success in warehouse logistics and manufacturing. This is because large, complex warehousing systems - also known as warehouse management systems - can only be managed if all data is recorded error-free in the higher-level (ERP) system. This makes it much easier to find, provide and track goods. This not only increases the quality of service to customers, but also makes work much easier for employees. For optimal mobile data collection on site, we offer the appropriate hardware - if required, also combined with corresponding platform solutions for secure and efficient data management.

What is data management?

Data management is the secure and efficient collection, storage and processing of data. It is intended to enable companies and their employees to optimally manage large amounts of data and to use resources efficiently. However, the increasing networking and rising flood of data requires high capacities, digital automation and secure technology. On the one hand, it must be possible for employees to access the same data - ideally in real time. On the other hand, data should not be recorded multiple times, but above all processed correctly and securely. For data collection in the warehouse and in production, mobile computers are used as suitable data collection devices.

Simply Well Stored: Mobile Data Capture for Efficient Processes

Whether barcode, RFID or QR code: Nowadays, codes and corresponding scanners form the indispensable interface between real goods and digital information flows in warehouse logistics. Captured data practically form the basis for a well-sorted, perfectly running warehouse. And high-quality and adaptable data capture devices are also an important prerequisite in manufacturing. Our data capture devices serve as an optimal tool in the daily workflow and ensure reliable fast data capture and processing in real time. Stocks can be tracked immediately and re-orders can be made in a timely manner. Interruptions in the production as well as logistics chain are thus minimised and fast material availability from the warehouse is ensured. But not only high-quality and adaptable devices for recording are therefore an important prerequisite. The right software solution is also important in order to be able to carry out the processes in the warehouse and production economically and in an environmentally friendly manner. We are also happy to provide you with the right IoT solution (Internet of Things solution) directly on your way to process optimisation.

IoT: Intelligent data management at all levels

With our data collection devices, data management goes hand in hand with process management. In order to achieve the highest flexibility and efficiency here, DENSO also has the optimal software solution in its portfolio. This allows information from different automation devices to be collected more efficiently and shared with manufacturing systems, BI tools and cloud solutions. Data can be freely forwarded between all connected devices and software systems, transformed and events or applications triggered. For example, changes to production lines can be made much easier, faster and more effectively without high downtime in a data-networked enterprise.

Building on experience: Production and manufacturing as a company tribe

DENSO is at home in manufacturing. As part of the Toyota Group, we are closely linked to automotive production and develop innovative solutions in joint think tanks that meet the highest data management requirements and set new trends. Our solutions support you in creating efficient and smooth production processes, in inventory control and procurement, and in monitoring production processes. Optimise the entire manufacturing process with our software and hardware solutions, avoid production downtimes and be informed about the status in real time.

Central control and monitoring of production machines

With our IoT data management platform ORiN, you create a uniform interface that centrally monitors all components within the production facility and collects and controls your data.

Process management in real time

If your employees in production start their work with scanning an instruction sheet, the working time for each product can be recorded and delivery times can be determined more reliably. Our SE1 pocket scanner is ideal for this.

Avoiding errors using mobile data capture

Use mobile data capture with handheld terminals such as the BHT-M60 to your advantage. Scanning the corresponding codes on the articles can avoid errors when packing and picking individual parts.

Warehouse management with RFID

Tracking assets in production and assembly is important to keep inventory and orders at optimal levels. Our UR40 RFID reader can be used for a gate solution to provide you with perfect support.

Protect manufacturing operations

Protect your assets against theft, for example with our Zone-D laser sensor.

Access Control

Do you want to allow access to particularly security-sensitive areas only to authorized personnel? With our QR code based facial recognition technology, you not only protect your assets, but also your staff’s data privacy.

Our solutions for production & storage in action


Industrial group UPB uses DENSO's BHT-1600 in manufacturing plant

West Japan Railway relies on RFID-based tool management

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