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Mobile data collection for retail

Scan and process data at any location

Digitalisation in retail and wholesale is advancing at a rapid pace and the market is highly competitive. Fast response times, combined with precise data transmission, make all the difference here in terms of customer satisfaction - and ultimately also turnover. To score points against the competition, it's all about having the right technology - especially when it comes to mobile data collection. With its high-quality scanners, DENSO WAVE ensures that the work of man and machine goes hand in hand. To make numerous data capture applications in retail efficient.

Digitalisation in retail: advanced scanners for mobile data capture

Capture and process data in real time where it is generated: Mobile data capture solutions are becoming increasingly important with digital progress in retail. After all, they enable faster and more secure order entry and processing. In this way, retailers can organise their purchasing processes efficiently, ensure direct availability of products and offer immediate support by employees. This also makes purchasing processes much more attractive for customers.

What is mobile data entry?

Mobile data entry (MDE) is the collection of data away from a stationary computer workstation. Data can be collected independently of location via barcodes, keyboard entries and transponders with appropriate devices. Mobile computers or mobile scanners or hand-held scanners as well as RFID scanners are often used to collect data in retail. After scanning, they usually transmit the data via WLAN, Bluetooth or an interface (e.g. USB) to the higher-level system. MDE is often used in industrial, production, retail and wholesale companies. The latter benefit from mobile data collection especially in the areas of goods storage, goods removal and stocktaking.

The advantages of mobile data collection at a glance

Error prevention and more efficient work processes are the quintessence of mobile data capture, as the following aspects clearly show:

  • Faster, more secure data capture
  • Real-time database
  • Avoidance of duplicate data capture
  • Avoidance of media discontinuities
  • Avoidance of unnecessary journeys or trips
  • Prevent data transmission errors
  • Checking the plausibility of data entry
  • Uncovering potential savings

Securely scan inventory and optimise order processing

In trade - whether retail or wholesale - the inventory is the largest and therefore a very important investment. Controlling it optimally and maintaining a precise overview at all times can be the decisive competitive advantage here. With our easy-to-use MDE devices, retailers and wholesalers can reduce sources of error when recording information. In addition, up-to-date data helps to keep stock levels as tight as possible and to react at the right time. As a result, by using mobile scanners you always have the right goods at the right time at the point of sale and improve customer satisfaction.

Robust MDE devices from DENSO: drop-resistant to temperature-resistant

DENSO devices are characterised by their quality and durability, not only in terms of the technology used to read 1D and 2D codes and RFID tags. We also attach great importance to the robustness of our devices. All our products have to undergo strict quality tests and we are only satisfied when everything is really right. Depending on the requirements, we offer specific scanners that are, for example, particularly resistant to drops or water. Or they fulfil several requirements at the same time, such as dust-tightness, temperature resistance and particularly long battery life.

Mobile data capture devices for smooth business processes - the cost factor

Time- and cost-optimising factors play a very important role in the business processes of every company. In almost every business process, a range of data is generated that not only needs to be captured, but also processed and managed. With MDE solutions, the data can be recorded and transferred directly to the merchandise management system used. The mobile capture of a lot of data directly at the source, without manual intermediate steps, brings more data transparency into the business processes. Various mobile data capture devices can be used for this purpose.

Discover our solutions for the trade

We have different MDE solutions for the various areas of application in retail. As a user, you can choose from full-touch devices in smartphone design, ergonomic hand-held scanners, compact barcode terminals with keyboard and RFID systems.

RFID-based inventory management

Digitize your goods management completely along the supply chain with a combination of RFID technology and a cloud-based application.

Inventory management in the warehouse

With the BHT-M60 mobile computers, your warehouse employees not only record your inventory in the shortest possible time, but also super comfortably thanks to the ergonomic handle.

Inventory management in the store

Your employees at the front have a full overview with our BHT-M80 mobile computers: they scan articles quickly and even through glass and bring the most important information at a glance thanks to the large 5 “touch display.

Mobile payment

Paying with your own smartphone and QR code is not only quick and secure, it also increases customer loyalty. With our QK30 presentation scanner, we offer you the right hardware.

RFID for your POS systems

With RFID you not only accelerate your inventory management, but also the payment process at the checkout considerably. Our ultra-flat RFID reader from the UR20 series is perfect for this solution.

Hardware for classic POS systems

Ultralight. Reliable. Fast. Our handheld scanners, such as the AT30Q, are ideal for classic POS systems.

Preventing loss with RFID - Retailer optimizes inventory accuracy and increases sales

Forstinger uses BHT-1800 to digitalize their Processes.

Retail Giant M&S implements RFID stock taking solution

Optimisation of stock management at British footwear retailer "schuh" thanks to DENSO's BHT-1500.


FAIE relies on DENSO's BHT-1100 handheld terminal.


Japanese fashion retailer implements DENSO RFID products.


Successful implementation of cashless payments and loyalty thanks to QR Code and DENSO scanners.


DENSO’s handheld terminal BHT-1300 used in Slovenian libraries


Swiss jewellery company Bucherer uses DENSO’s BHT-800

Pierre Lang

Enormous time and cost saving at jewellery manufacturer Pierre Lang thanks to DENSO scanning devices


Successful implementation of mobile data collection by DENSO Auto-ID in Northern Ireland

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