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Optimised stock management at „schuh“ thanks to DENSO handheld

Since the introduction of DENSO’s BHT-1505BB handheld terminals, the stock management at British footwear retailer schuh has been improved significantly. For stock takings as well as customer experience the small devices have been causing great effects.


132 branches in Great Britain and Ireland. More than 80 different brands such as Nike, Converse, Adidas as well as an own schuh brand. That is the British footwear retailer, named „schuh“ – pronounced just like „shoe“. For a company of this size it sounds only obvious that they use state of the art technology for stock management and the improvement of customer satisfaction.  

However, that has not always been the case. Not long ago, schuh used pen and paper for these processes. A method, that does not only consume a lot of time, but is also error-prone. The required time as well as the frequency of errors can be reduced dramatically, though, with the use of state-of-the-art auto-ID systems. The responsible people at schuh realized that, which is why they tested DENSO’s series of BHT-1500 handheld terminals, recommended by the partner Banctec. It was the Bluetooth capable BHT-1505BB model that convinced them immediately. Connected to a tablet or smartphone, it not only captures data, but also transfers it conveniently and automatically.  


Knowing, what is available, and satisfying customers   

The desired shoe model or colour is not always available. In such cases shop assistants usually rush back to the warehouse, looking for the model in question. And unfortunately, they often return empty handed. The result: wasted time, a disappointed customer and a lost sales opportunity.  

However, there is a much more elegant solution to this: automated and networked data management is the key. And that begins in the warehouse. With the help of mobile computers, stock takings as well as the entering of incoming and outgoing goods, are not only done with minimum mistakes but also require much less time than the pen-and-paper-method. The big advantage of that is, that the shop assistants see the latest warehouse information much faster – given that the warehouse information is transferred to the system and that the shop assistants have access to it. Equipping the employees in the salesroom with the same mobile computers as the employees in the warehouse guarantees that.

Footwear retailer schuh realized that and has been able to improve customer service accordingly. With the help of the BHT-1505BB handheld terminals, the latest warehouse information is sent to the system. Thanks to their BHT devices, the shop assistants have access to this information at all times and are able to tell the customer, whether the desired shoe is available or not, immediately.  

This transparency does not only help during dialogues with customers. Since the introduction of the BHT-1505BB handhelds, schuh has been able to create forecasts with much more accuracy.  


Easy weight and easy to handle

The BHT-1505BB weighs only 128 g. This makes handling the device a lot easier and minimizes fatigue after long and continuous use. Its unique scanning angle makes scanning operations easier as well and allows the user to maintain a natural and comfortable hand posture, even while scanning. Thanks to these features, the employees at schuh are able to focus on their main tasks, with the BHT-1505BB being a supportive companion rather than being a disturbance.   

Besides functionality and handling, the decision makers at schuh valued another feature – ruggedness! The reason: especially in fast-paced warehouse environments it can get hectic quickly. A wrong move and the mobile device slips out of hand. Conventional mobile devices, as smartphones for instance, might get damaged after the first drop. Not so the handheld terminals of the BHT-1500 series: these are created with the aforementioned scenario in mind and therefor withstand drops from heights of two metres. That not only avoids frustration but also unnecessary costs of purchasing news devices.  

These advantages have mainfested in a reduction of costs and an increase of efficiency over at schuh.


More information on the BHT-1500 series >>


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