DENSO for logistics-
because quality gives businesses the edge.

Mobile data acquisition for an industry on the move.

Globalisation is increasing competitive pressure in the logistics industry. Goods must be transported over ever greater distances both safely and just in time. In doing so, transparent processes highlight optimisation potential. 
DENSO terminals and scanners help here. They gather data from the picking stage to the point of delivery. As such, they provide fundamental information for making processes understandable and quantifiable. They are used wherever logistics specialists demand maximum performance. They prove their worth in cold storage warehouses at –20 degrees just as much as when they read damaged barcodes.  It is this quality that our customers in transport and logistics trust for giving their logistics the edge.
Read some fascinating cases that will also convince you.

Flawless deliveries using DENSO

Mobile data capture at Brezelkönig – DENSO BHT-1200 provides automated logistics processes for industrial bakery.

No more surpluses in storage - Belinamont uses terminals of DENSO’s BHT-1300 series

DENSO Handheld Terminals at Slovenian Company ADK d.o.o.

Slovenian Company Adel d.o.o. uses DENSO BHT-1100 Series