Slovenian Company Adel d.o.o. uses DENSO BHT-1100 Series

Adel d.o.o. with its brand Anet car parts is one of the largest sellers of high-quality original and equivalent spare parts in Slovenia and a client of DENSO partner Comtron d.o.o. Their suppliers are the world's largest producers of car parts and their products are used in many first installations in vehicles. They guarantee premium quality parts and best service in the field of service and maintenance for a variety of vehicle brands. Adel d.o.o. maintains multiple subsidiaries across Slovenia and continues on an expansion course for full market coverage.

Adel d.o.o. is a member of the GAU ADRIA Network, which operates in the south of Europe, representing the international network of European spare parts distributors GROUP AUTO UNION INTERNATIONAL. The network ensures a broad spectrum supply of auto parts in the Slovenian market, as well as a high level of service.

Advantages of DENSO devices
Adel is using DENSO handheld terminals BHT-1100BWB-CE with extended battery life.

The DENSO devices were purchased specifically for warehouse management (inventory management). Adel d.o.o. is using a business management software and a warehouse management system developed by Comtron d.o.o.

After a selection phase involving several competitor products, DENSO BHT-1100BWB-CE was chosen because of its ruggedness, easy handling and excellent scanning performance even at a distance. The 3-year DENSO warranty period at no extra cost was another important factor in the decision-making process.

Users like the shape and layout of the DENSO handheld terminal with its large screen and slimline design in comparison with competitor products. The positioning of the most frequently used keys at the top and their large button surface was very well received, as it accommodates error-free operation while wearing work gloves.

Last, but by no means least, the price of the DENSO devices shifted the purchase decision in their favour.

Implementation was quick and easy, as Adel d.o.o had tested and used the BHT-1100 demo terminal on loan by Comtron in an initial pilot phase. A handful of devices were then purchased for their main warehouse located in Ljubljana. A few months later and based on their overall satisfaction with the DENSO devices, terminals were purchased for all subsidiaries across Slovenia.

The DENSO handheld terminals fully satisfy Adel's data capture requirements. Productivity was increased, costs reduced and the company has experienced a general rise in employee satisfaction, as staff feedback was very positive.

There have been virtually no warranty claims since the initial purchase of their DENSO handheld terminals. Any minor problems were handled swiftly and competently by DENSO technical support.

Overall, the DENSO terminals were very well received as is proven by a user survey in which the device received a mark of »5« (in a scale of 1-5, with »5« being the highest mark) for functional completeness. Adel d.o.o. would not hesitate to recommend the BHT-1100 to other interested parties.


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