DENSO’s BHT-1600 combines mobile data capture with the advantages of a smartphone

Modern digitalization is not only a big challenge for all logistics and their sectors such as in transport and production, but also for retail, field & sales automation and the health market. It is progressing rapidly in all fields, and therefore, the technology with which complex operations are carried out, must be further developed to meet these new requirements. The DENSO Auto-ID Business Unit has now launched the new BHT-1600 onto the market. This handheld terminal is specifically designed to meet the market demand for devices that combine standard mobile data capture with all the advantages of modern smartphones. The BHT-1600, in the style of a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), comes with Android™ 6.X and NFC technology. Sina Haupt, Marketing Assistant of the DENSO Auto-ID Business Unit, explains: “Our BHT-1600 in the ruggedized version is much more robust than comparable devices on the market today. One reason for this is the pre-installed special protective cover. The other advantage is the shatterproof Dragontrail™ glass that our scanner is equipped with. That way, it can fall on concrete without getting damaged instantly.” The maximum height from which the ruggedized version of the BHT-1600 can be dropped is 1.8 metres. Get here to the product page of our new handheld device and watch the product video.

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