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Avec sa fonction longue portée, le BHT-1200 RFID scanne sans effort les étiquettes jusqu’à cinq mètres de distance. Les processus sont ainsi nettement accélérés.

  • 1D Code
  • 2D Code
  • RFID Modell
  • Windows Embedded CE

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« Notre appareil RFID réduit le temps de travail de 90 % par rapport aux codes-barres, par exemple, lors d’un inventaire. On peut scanner des palettes entières en un seul scan, ce qui nous fait économiser énormément de temps et d’argent. »

Dirk Gelbrich, Teamleader Technical Services Auto ID
  • Model BHT-1281QULWB-CE
    OS Windows® Embedded CE 6.0 R3
    CPU ARM Cortex-A8 800 MHz
    Memory RAM Mobile DDR 512MB
    Flash ROM 2.0 GB
    Display Number of dots1 320 x 480 dots (3.5 inch HVGA)
    Display system Liquid crystal dot matrix display (colour)
    Backlight White LED


    Readable and Recordable RF tag
    ISO/IEC18000-6 TypeC (EPCglobal Class1 Gen2)
    Frequency EU 865MHz - 868MHz
    Transmission output/Output adjustment 1 W or less / 20 levels
    Reading distance2 Approx. 5m

    Reading system Area sensor (CMOS)
    Readable codes
    1D Codes EAN-13/-8 (JAN-13/-8), UPC-A/-E, UPC/EAN (Add-on embedded), Interleaved 2 of 5 (ITF), CODABAR (NW-7), CODE39, CODE93, CODE128, GS1-128 (EAN-128), GS1 DataBar (RSS)
    2D Codes QR Code, Micro QR Code, SQRC, iQR Code, PDF417, Micro PDF417, Maxi code, Data Matrix (ECC200), GS1 DataBar Composite (EAN, UCC Composite)
    Minimum resolution
    1D Codes 0.125mm
    2D Codes 0.167mm
    Light source Area guide marker (laser)
    Scan confirmation Visual (2 colour LED), acoustic (signal sound) and haptic (vibration)
    Keypad Number of keys 31 keys (including power key) + 4 trigger keys
    Network Wireless LAN Compatible standards IEEE802.11b/g/n compliant
    Frequency band IEEE802.11b/g/n: 2.4 GHz band
    Transmission distance3 Indoors: 150m
    Outdoors: 300m
    Transmission speed3 IEEE802.11b: 11/5.5/2/1Mbps, IEEE802.11g: 54/48/36/24/18/12/9/6Mbps, IEEE802.11n: 65/58.5/52/39/26/19.5/13/6.5Mbps
    Bluetooth® Bluetooth Ver.2.1 + EDR based calss 2
    Card slot MicroSDHC x 1slot (up to 32 GB)
    Power supply Main battery 2 Lithium-ion battery (2x 3450mAh [high capacity] = 6900mAh)
    Operating time4 RF tag continous scanning5 Approx. 8 hours
    Wireless LAN communication6 Approx. 60 hours
    Additional functions Clock, speaker, vibration, battery charge level indicator, keypad backlight, G-sensor
    Environmental requirements Operating temperature7 -20° to +40° C
    Protection rating IP54
    Drop resistance8 1.2m drop on concrete floor, 5 times each on all 6 sides (test result after a total of 30 drops)
    Weight (incl. stylus pen and battery) approx. 570g

    1: Although the effective number of picture elements is more than 99.99% thanks to high-precision technologies used to manufacture LCDs, allow the possibility of some elemets, less than 0.01%, that are missing or permanently turned on.
    2: Evaluation condition = Avery Dennison AD-237r6. The scan distance shown is a reference value and it may very accodingly, depending on the actual environmental conditions.
    3: Network range and transmission speed are logical variables and these may vary accordingly, depending on the actual environmental conditions.
    4: Operating times shown are reference values at room temperature and these may vary depending on the working conditions.
    5: When 50 RF tags are scanned simultaneously with the back light at low level, the vibrator will be disabled and the speaker enabled.
    6: RF tag scanning: Wireless communication, Screen update: Standby = 1:1:1:20. The back light is at low level, the vibrator and buzzer are disabled and the power save mode is ON (FastPSP), and the wireless function is enabled.
    7: The temperature range rises from 0 to 40°C while charging.
    8: This is a test not a guaranteed value.

  • Software (sold separately):
    • Software Development Kit (SDK) for BHT Windows® CE
    • Keyboard interface software [kbifCE]
  • Components:
    • Device
    • Stylus pen
    • Guidlines for operation
    • Instruction manual
    Accessories (sold separately):
    • CU-1233 (RS232C/USB communication)
    • CU-1211 (Ethernet communictaion)
    • CH-1254 (Four-device charger)
    • CH-1104 (Four-battery charger)
    • BT-110L (High-capacity battery only)
    • BT-120L-C (High-capacity battery + battery cover)
    • Waist case
    • Hand strap
    • CBBHT-US1800/C12-4A communication cable