Spun off from Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. in 1949 as NIPPONDENSO Co. Ltd, DENSO is now a global company focused on advanced mobility that positively changes the way the world moves and contributes to greater well-being. As a global Fortune 500 company, DENSO has a diversified product portfolio and far-reaching global influence.

Today, the DENSO Group has more than 164,000 employees in 190 countries.

As a pioneer in the field of process optimization of industrial workflows, NIPPONDENSO developed a way to electronically process kanbans ("routing slips"), where barcodes (later also QR codes) printed on the kanban are read with scanners at various stations, thus electronically recording the next work step in the process with a time stamp or determining the further sequence. This was an important milestone in the transformation to "just-in-time" production and many processes based on it.


Development of the Barcode Kanban.


The first CCD scanner sees the light of day.

NIPPONDENSO develops the world's first CCD scanner, laying the foundation for mobile data capture. In the same year, the first POS scanner is launched on the market.

In 1994, Masahiro Hara developed a special two-dimensional code: the so-called QR code. QR stands for Quick Response and refers to the extremely fast decoding of information. Originally developed for marking assemblies and components for logistics in the automotive production of the Toyota Group, the QR code began its triumphal march around the world at the latest since the COVID-19 pandemic.


Invention of the QR Code.


NIPPONDENSO becomes DENSO Corporation.

The change of the company name took place in 1996. NIPPONDENSO was renamed DENSO Corporation. The name is composed of the abbreviations Den-Ki (Electric) and So-Chi (Equipment).

In 2001, DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED became a subsidiary of DENSO Corporation and consequently an independent company uniquely specialized in products and technologies for Automatic Data Capture, as well as Industrial Robots and Controllers.


Foundation DENSO WAVE.

Business areas.

DENSO Group companies operate worldwide in various business areas.

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In order to protect the global environment and realize a trustworthy, accident-free mobile society, DENSO takes advantage of its advanced technology and productivity, to develop various automotive systems and provides them to automobile manufacturers around the world.

DENSO Robotics is a recognized leader in the compact robot segment. The product range includes four-axis robots (SCARAs) and five/six-axis jointed-arm robots as well as cobots , all of which feature outstanding speed, precision and quality.


At a glance.


Foundation of DENSO Corporation


Employees worldwide

$47,9 bn

Consolidated net sales fiscal year 2022



Stock Exchange Listing Tokyo, Osaka & Nagoya


Subsidiaries worldwide


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