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The highest quality in data capture is our uncompromising demand on our scanners and data capture devices - especially in the healthcare sector. Because here, the quality of elementary data can be vital in case of doubt. Our high-performance devices securely capture barcodes on patient wristbands, labels on medications and RFID transponders on medical equipment to optimize healthcare processes.

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Today, digital solutions have become indispensable in the healthcare industry. Through DENSO WAVE's wide range of solutions, you have the opportunity to strengthen the quality of your healthcare, because all our solution approaches are based on the mission "Driven by Quality".

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Efficient logistics for pharmaceuticals.

Checkup of the inventory within a few seconds.

Digitization of manual laboratory and surgical processes.


Mobile data capture as a basis.

As in all industries, digitization is advancing steadily in healthcare, and digital demands on clinics, professionals, and suppliers and pharmacies are increasing. Better patient treatment or faster patient care go hand in hand with access to error-free patient data to which both doctors and nursing staff as well as other healthcare providers have access. The important thing is to ensure that the data is absolutely accurate. Our scanners and terminals can be used to read codes from patient wristbands, medications and electronic patient records, for example, without error - even if they are damaged. In this way, they ensure your treatment quality and optimize throughputs.

Pharmacies can ensure medical care with our mobile data entry devices because they keep them precisely informed about their drug inventory. All important information about the medications is recorded securely and transparently - from the ingredients to the shelf life to the application. This documentation not only enables pharmacies to reorder products from pharmaceutical companies, but all other stations in the processing chain can also use the recorded data when it is transmitted to a higher-level system, for example in real time via WLAN. Throughout the process, this ensures improvements in patient care procedures and guarantees the availability of essential medications. Of course, inventories in medical facilities can also be precisely recorded with our mobile data capture devices to maintain an overview at all times.


in pharmacies and medical facilities.


RFID technology for efficient control

A practical example of the use of scanners in the medical environment is the use of RFID technology in ambulances: instead of manually checking the inventory of medical equipment in the ambulance at the end of a shift, the RFID scan takes care of this safely and much more quickly. Because if all essential parts of the equipment are equipped with an RFID transponder, a simple scan in the vehicle provides a reliable overview of the available equipment. This means, for example, that shifts can be changed in the shortest possible time - with the certainty of having the necessary medical equipment on board the ambulance.


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