Medical inventory management through mobile RFID scanners


Checkup of the inventory within a few seconds

Where, if not in the healthcare sector, is a complete inventory the most important preparation for work? After all, in an emergency, the exact medical equipment that the list says should be on hand must be available. But manual inventory checks can result in human error. Digital solutions such as mobile data entry via scanner, on the other hand, offer greater security - with significantly less time required. RFID solutions in particular can take your medical inventory management to the next level, for example in the daily checkup of ambulances or ward inventories. Are you and your employees already optimally equipped?

Conversion from manual inventory management to digital solutions

The challenge

The biggest challenge in medical inventory management is the precision of data capture - closely followed by speed. In many medical fields, checking inventories is still done the conventional way - with pen and list. But anyone familiar with this approach knows that manually recording and transferring inventories and inventory changes is not only time-consuming, but also carries a high risk of errors and delays. In the worst case, this can lead to life-threatening situations, for example, because certain drugs or medical tools were not recorded and thus not reordered. Similarly, with the conventional method, a quick change of shift, including on-site checking of medical equipment, is hardly possible. Those who rely on digital solutions for inventory instead of manual checks can record inventories much more reliably - in a fraction of the time. In addition, the use of modern technology enables asset tracking - for example, to track beds or wheelchairs in the hospital.

Mobile data capture using RFID technology

Our solution

For fast, secure inventory in the healthcare sector, DENSO offers special barcode scanners and RFID scanners. This means that your medical equipment only needs to be provided with barcodes or RFID tags in order to capture it securely in the shortest possible time with our scanners. Especially our powerful RFID scanners are predestined for fast secure data capture. They can scan up to 1000 items per minute. So, using the example of shift changes in emergency services, the medical equipment in the vehicle would be scanned and checked for completeness within the blink of an eye. Thanks to their Bluetooth or WiFi capability, our scanners can connect directly to your management system or inventory software, so that the captured data is available in real time. We have also developed special solutions (medical scanners) for on-site use in healthcare areas with the highest hygiene requirements, such as laboratories or operating rooms.

Efficient medical inventory management

Your advantages

With our high-quality mobile data capture devices, we offer you the optimal hardware for your medical inventory management. Integrated into your system, it makes managing your equipment in the future an easy task in the blink of an eye. Here are your advantages at a glance:

  • Fast and accurate data collection
  • Avoidance of errors due to manual entries
  • Increased medical supply security
  • Real-time data
  • Faster shift changes
  • Rugged mobile computers with ergonomic design
  • More mobility through wireless hardware
  • Special antimicrobial scanners


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