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When the supply chain ends and field service employees go the last mile to the customer, it's all about the right technology. With its mobile computers, DENSO offers first-class mobile data entry (MDE) devices to complete the process on site with the customer as easily and successfully as possible. Whether by scan or keyboard input, with our handheld devices your sales and field service staff are optimally positioned - and ready to deliver.


Thanks to mobile data collection.

Especially in sales and field service, companies and their employees are feeling the rapid progress of globalization - and the growing demands of customers that go along with it. Anyone who doesn't literally deliver the fastest here doesn't stand a chance in the competition. To score points with your customers, transport drivers and customer service alike have to keep to a tight schedule. And you know: Effective time management is then essential and is based above all on smooth processes. Errors, on the other hand, not only cost time, but can also trigger a chain of errors. Particularly when it comes to recording relevant data, precision should therefore be a priority in addition to speed when transmitting data. Qualitative technology often makes the crucial difference here and ensures that processes run smoothly. Regardless of whether it's delivering parcels or reading electricity meters: With devices from DENSO, users can upload the customer's signature in real time or transmit read readings to headquarters.

With our mobile computers, employees in sales and field service are ideally equipped to master their daily routine. They can easily document proof of parcel delivery as well as services rendered, while reliable route planning using GPS ensures optimized arrival time on site. In addition, some of our special devices for field service enable real-time transmission of information to the central ERP system. Not to forget: efficient maintenance management through direct communication with customer service. Thanks to the ease of use of our devices, errors are virtually eliminated - perfect, in other words, for MDE. And also in terms of robustness, our MDE devices convince with first-class features.


Lightning fast and safe.


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