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From goods receipt to loading of goods to transport: In logistics, there are numerous applications for mobile data capture. In times of digitalization, it can even be said that mobile data capture is one of the most important pillars of logistics and transport. Our robust data collection solutions are perfectly suited for use in the logistics sector - whether handheld scanners or terminals.


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We know that the transport and logistics industry is one of the most important components of the global economy. Together with DENSO WAVE, you will optimize your efficiency of transport and logistics processes.

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In times of growing digitization, competition in the logistics industry is also steadily increasing. The more efficiently processes run, the better the black figures.

As an important part of supply chain management, ideal shipping control is crucial for customer satisfaction - and thus also for economic success.

Delays, incorrect data entry and inefficient processes in goods receiving can cost time, nerves and, above all, money. Companies that still use manual methods for goods receiving will be familiar with this.

Managing a fleet of vehicles is a complex task that requires time, resources and a lot of attention. Modern technology offers support.

The effective use of warehouse volume is crucial for smoothly functioning supply chains - and thus enormously important for the profitability of your warehouse.


Barcodes for logistics and transport.

Barcodes and QR codes have long since become standard in process organization along the supply chain. This makes it clear that the technologies used by logistics service providers today practically set the standard for the progress of globalization. Those who rely on quality and smoothly functioning systems here can continuously optimize their processes. DENSO WAVE offers the right PDC solutions to make logistics processes even more efficient - from order picking to delivery, enabling goods to be transported safely and just-in-time over ever longer distances - to the delight and satisfaction of your customers.

As a rule, all transported goods or devices are provided with a code - usually a barcode. When scanned with the right data capture device, all relevant information about the goods, sender, delivery address, etc. is displayed. is displayed. This ensures transparency and measurability of the processes. For example, goods can be tracked in real time by track-and-trace systems - in some cases even by the end customer himself. In addition, as a logistics service provider, you can plan your drivers' tours even more precisely and get more on the road overall.


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Data capture for error prevention:

By using our barcode scanners, terminals and QR code scanners, you can not only accelerate your logistics processes and generate higher throughput, but also make your employees' work easier thanks to the ease of use of our mobile data capture devices - without compromising on data capture and transmission. On the contrary, the error rate when capturing and transmitting data is significantly reduced because manual documentation is no longer required.


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and increase productivity in warehouse management.


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