Solution to avoid surpluses in the warehouse - Belinamont uses BHT-1300 series terminals from DENSO

Belinamont from Croatia uses the BHT-1306QWB from DENSO to optimize stock in the warehouse and avoid surpluses.

In the Croatian market, Belinamont is one of the leading distributors. They sell technical textiles and specialize in sun protection such as awnings and covers for trucks. In order to optimize management in the warehouse, the company was looking for a solution to avoid surpluses. This solution has recently been created: Belinamont now works with DENSO's BHT-1306QWB handheld terminal. DENSO's partner Leoss was responsible for the installation. Leoss is one of the leading suppliers of barcode and RFID hardware and software. With the help of DENSO's BHT-1306QWB handheld terminal, Belinamont employees can quickly find out which material is where and in what quantity. This has minimized excess material in the warehouse and optimized operations.

Handheld terminals from DENSO's BHT-1300 series provide reliable scanners for mobile data collection. The 2D model reads codes from any direction, regardless of the angle. In addition, a wide viewing angle guarantees readability of the display, even in sunlight. DENSO is known for its reliable and efficient handheld terminals for mobile data collection. At Belinamont, a 2D code is generated directly for the goods when they are delivered to the warehouse. This code gives all the important information about the material, the quantity and the storage location. The information can be viewed in Belinamont's central computer system through the WiFi connection. This allows warehouse staff to easily search the system to find out what material can be found where and in what quantity. When material is needed from inventory, the 2D code is scanned, the required quantity is delivered, and the remaining material is assigned a new, updated 2D code. The new 2D code is automatically produced by a mobile printer, as the BHT-1306QWB automatically sends all details of the new 2D code to the mobile printer.

The introduction of the BHT-1306QWB has significantly improved management in Belinamont's warehouse. Inventory of materials has been reduced by 38 percent by using the BHT-1306QWB in conjunction with the 2D code. In addition, the storage of excess materials in the warehouse and the associated costs were reduced. In this context, the annual inventory has also been significantly improved: instead of four days, only one day is required to record the stock in the warehouse. The introduction of the BHT-1306QWB has also increased employee satisfaction, as tasks in the warehouse require less time and can therefore be performed much more efficiently. The management is also pleased with the development through the use of DENSO's handheld terminals, as both inventory and employees can be better managed. As a result, Belinamont is also one of DENSO's satisfied customers, as the experts for scanners and handheld terminals not only impress with their first-class devices for mobile data capture, but also with their excellent customer service.


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