Controlled receipt of goods


Receive goods in the warehouse with the help of scanners

Delays, incorrect data entry and inefficient processes in goods receiving can cost time, nerves and, above all, money. Companies that still use manual methods for goods receiving will be familiar with this. This makes it all the more important to have an up-to-date solution in place: Modern technologies such as barcode scanners and RFID scanners are driving process optimizations in companies in the wake of digitalization. Discover the advantages that scanner technology offers you and improve your goods receiving.

Efficient digital processes for goods receipt

The challenge

The big challenge for companies in the logistics sector is the digitization of incoming goods - for seamless, efficient incoming goods inspection. After all, slow, error-prone manual processes should be a thing of the past in the future. After all, the inspections at goods receiving serve to safeguard the success of the business. Those who rely on modern technology solutions in the warehouse are certainly well positioned.

Mobile data capture directly at goods receipt

Our solution

The solution for effective controlled goods receiving lies in mobile data collection. The right hardware for this is our reliable mobile data capture devices. Whether barcode and QR code scanners or RFID scanners: the handheld devices enable employees to scan the delivery bill within seconds and transfer the order overview to the mobile data capture device. Afterwards, the goods only need to be recorded - again by scanning - and the delivery is confirmed. Thanks to the WiFi interfaces of the mobile data capture devices, the scanned data can be transferred to the merchandise management system in real time and processed immediately. With our barcode scanners, even the verification of poorly readable 1D and 2D codes becomes a quick and secure affair. And those who opt for our RFID solution benefit from even faster goods acceptance: the RFID scanners safely and reliably detect every item without having to unpack the goods - even over distances of several meters. Especially for checking palletized goods, this is a very simple and time-saving data capture solution.

Inspect goods faster, safer and more effectively

Your advantages

Whether barcode scanner or RFID scanner: mobile data capture during incoming goods inspection significantly increases the overall process quality. You, your employees and, of course, ultimately your customers benefit from the advantages:

  • Fast goods receipt and further processing
  • Error-free data capture
  • Secure capture of barcodes, QR codes and RFID tags
  • Real-time data for goods receipt posting
  • Automatic digital documentation from goods receipt
  • Capture of a wide range of products / items
  • Robust scanners with ergonomic design
  • Efficient organization of the warehouse


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