Secure proof of delivery


Digital delivery process directly on site

Whether it's an online shop or traditional retail: secure delivery of goods is essential in any case. But how can it be ensured that the right goods are delivered to the right recipient in the right quantity and quality? Mobile data capture devices can provide an effective solution for deliverers.

Secure proof of delivery with real-time data

The challenge

For companies and their delivery staff, the precise delivery of goods to customers is a major challenge. Not only must the right goods be delivered to the right recipient in the right quantity and quality, but valid confirmations of delivery must also be available. In this context, the documentation of the delivery can be of crucial importance, for example for proving the fulfilment of contractual conditions or for insurance coverage in case of damage. However, insufficient or inaccurate documentation can lead to legal and financial problems. Mobile data capture solutions are therefore an important factor in optimising the entire process through constant connection with the departmental network as well as comprehensive management applications. Errors during delivery and handover are to be avoided in this way.

Mobile data capture devices for secure proof of delivery

Our solution

Mobile data capture devices can provide an effective solution to the challenge of secure proof of delivery. Our devices enable deliverers to digitally capture all relevant data about the shipment and transmit it in real time to the relevant interface in the company. In this way, the data can be processed quickly and accurately. In addition, proofs of delivery can be archived digitally and automatically, which significantly reduces administrative work. Shipping departments as well as delivery staff have a precise overview of deliveries at all times thanks to our mobile data capture devices and can act accordingly. Another advantage of our mobile data capture devices for secure delivery: In addition to their use in the delivery process, our mobile devices can support other functions such as navigation or route planning and inventory management - to further increase efficiency and accuracy in the delivery process.

Optimised processes in delivery

Your advantages

To drive digitalisation in your company, you need to rely on the right technologies. With mobile data capture devices from DENSO, your delivery staff are optimally equipped. The benefits promise both optimised processes and improved customer loyalty as a result:

  • Fast and accurate recording of delivery data
  • Real-time transmission of data
  • Automatic and digital archiving of proofs of delivery
  • Reduction of administrative work
  • Increased efficiency and accuracy of delivery
  • Avoidance of manual errors
  • Additional functions such as route planning and inventory management
  • Improved customer satisfaction through faster and more reliable deliveries
  • Rugged hardware with ergonomic design


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