Warehouse picking made easy.

Order picking, a terminology that carries some heavy weight within the industry:
It is cost-intensive, the labor force can be enormous, the wrong quantities may be packed or the items can be even shipped to the wrong destination. At the same time, picking that is done via paper documents, harms the environment while it is a daunting process for all entities involved.

In the end, the amount of errors that can be made quite easily harm the overall financial success and reputation of a company. Medicare was provided this solution by SKK Poland, a Partner of DENSO WAVE. They created the solution to solve order picking complications within the pharmaceauticual idustry. Together with DENSO WAVE’s BHT-M60 handheld computer, order picking is made easy. The scanning performance of the BHT-M60 handheld computer proves to be extremely fast and accurate. It sits comfortably in the hand due to its ergonomically shaped handle. Its data capture is extremely fast and accurate. The partnership between Medicare, SKK and DENSO WAVE makes warehouse picking an easy day-to-day task.

Employee’s workload eased thanks to DENSO WAVE:
Working with printouts in the warehouse automation system would be an excessive task for employee’s to realize successfuly. Mistakes would be made and the working time would be ridicuously long. Thanks to DENSO WAVE’s terminals, however, employees work faster, make less mistakes and their work load will be less of a hastle.  
Protect the customer’s happiness at all times:
We are living in a fast lived society where technolgy enhancements rule the day to day operational success of a company. For Medicare that means to stay up to date with recent technologocial inventions that offer:
•    long-term reliability,
•    robustness and a  
•    ongoing technical support that helps when the worst case scenario hits the fan.  

Due to the BHT-M60 handheld terminal, customers have noticed a smaller amount of picking mistakes, so explained by Medicare’s Head of IT Department Mr. Piekarski.  
Reduce your carbon footprint while saving your employees’ most important currency: time
Due to the BHT-M60, no paper and printing is necessary. Medicare chose the environmental friendly version of warehouse picking by forgetting about wasting paper and going digital. Simutenelously, the lower number of errors mentioned at each step will be another long-term saving factor for Medicare.  
Today, Medicare and SKK a partner of DENSO WAVE continue providing the solution to the problem, together as partners. Here is to an easier more sustainability conscious future.  

Who is Medicare?
Medicare, one of the largest wholesalers in the pharmaceutical industry in Poland, has been involved in the pharmacy industry for three decades. Their focus has been on supplying pharmacies with pharamceutical and medical products.  
In order to rock the pharmaceutical market efficiently, Medicare teamed up with DENSO WAVE and SKK, our  distribution partner in Poland, to guarantee successful order picking outcomes. They chose the BHT-M60QWB DENSO handheld terminal because it stood out due to its ergonomics and durability, states Medicare’s Head of IT Department Arkadiusz Pierkarski. 


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