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Enabling efficiency gains in your business with RFID: Together with partners, DENSO WAVE offers the ultimate RFID solution to automate your work processes, reduce costs and strengthen security in your company. Contact us today and become a key player in your industry with RFID solutions.

SC1-QB Scanner

A breakthrough in healthcare: DENSO WAVE's SC1 healthcare handheld scanner will soon revolutionize your workday, too. Seamless design, Light as a feather, Easy to disinfect.

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Because DENSO WAVE has the right solution.

Yes, digitization may bring challenges, but with DENSO WAVE, you and your company are happy to take them on. Because we offer modern Auto-ID and RFID solutions around mobile data collection.

Optimize your processes with our hardware and software solutions - in manufacturing and warehousing, transportation and logistics, retail, healthcare and medicine, sales and field service, and events and entertainment.

As the inventor of the QR Code, DENSO WAVE thinks innovatively and service-oriented. With our revolutionary technology, you not only optimize your processes. You can relieve the burden on your workforce, reduce costs, increase profits, and maintain an excellent overview.

With DENSO WAVE, you and your company not only achieve digital transformation, but also progress and innovation - today and in the future.

DENSO WAVE. Driven by quality.


We accelerate your processes.

For more than 30 years we have been developing only one solution: Yours.

Our data acquisition devices provide the answer - whatever your question. Because DENSO WAVE has been the quality leader for mobile computers such as scanners and handheld terminals for more than three decades. This has resulted in a variety of models that is second to none. We develop our mobile computers and auto-ID solutions exclusively for your needs - and in conjunction with RFID, QR code models or the classic barcode. So robust and hard-tested that our handheld terminals and scanners have been in use for so long that we are almost bursting with pride. But only almost.

Powerful mobile data collection devices with and without keyboard.

Stationary and wearable scanners with superior reading performance.

Faster work processes with our RFID products.

Numerous software and software solutions that will make your work easier.

Create or read QR codes with our DENSO technology.

Perimeter surveillance & access control with DENSO security solutions.

Discover our solution for your industry.


Our solutions are at home in these industries.

More than 100,000 customers and partners worldwide trust our technologies. This is how we jointly advance digitalization and keep pace with current developments - future-oriented and sustainable at the same time.

Find out in our success stories which solutions from DENSO WAVE optimize processes, shorten workflows and eliminate errors. We save ourselves more words. Because quality speaks for itself. Take a look for yourself!


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News from DENSO WAVE

For three years, it has become clearer and clearer: the pandemic was a wake-up call. Companies in the retail sector must invest in digitalisation in order to remain competitive. DENSO helps them along the way.

The central prerequisite for the successful further development of the healthcare system is the implementation of digitalisation. DENSO accompanies hospitals and other institutions on their way.

The digital transformation is taking hold of all processes. DENSO WAVE EUROPE explains the advantages that scanners and QR codes offer at events and airports.

DENSO WAVE EUROPE relieves employees with auto-ID solutions and mobile computers and supports the sustainable actions of companies.

The patent-pending scanner has a special surface that prevents the penetration of microbes and pathogens.

As of autumn 2023, the operating system on our handheld series will be Android 13.

DENSO will launch the patent-pending SC1-QB in Europe in April 2023. Unmatched in the industry, the new scanner brings a breakthrough for healthcare settings.

The once analogue technology for alarm and security systems is becoming increasingly digital. DENSO offers modern Zone-D laser sensor.

The institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE) honoured DENSO for developing and spreading the use of the QR Code.

Sustainability and the reduction of CO2 emissions are the topics of the decade. DENSO supports companies with RFID, mobile computers, QR Codes, and Auto-ID solutions.

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