Efficient ticket management


Ergonomic handheld scanners for your employees

Efficient ticket management is the key to smooth admission at events. Modern handheld scanners can overcome the challenges of ticket control. From fast data capture to improved ergonomics, mobile scanners offer numerous benefits for employees.

"Light-handed" ticket management by employees

The challenge

When organizing events and functions, efficient ticket management is at the top of the list of priorities. It is crucial that admission runs smoothly and without delays to ensure visitor satisfaction. Traditionally, ticket control has been done manually, but this can create a number of challenges. Employees must deal with large crowds and be able to check tickets quickly and accurately. Not only does this require a high level of concentration, but it can also be physically demanding, especially if the event takes place over an extended period of time. For example, hand pain can result from unnatural postures of scanning devices. A more effective solution is urgently needed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of ticket management.

MDE devices for optimized ticket management

Our solution

The introduction of ergonomic handheld scanners has almost revolutionized the way tickets are managed at events. Our mobile data capture devices provide an efficient solution to the common challenges employees encounter when checking tickets: With a lightweight and portable design, these scanners enable quick and accurate capture of barcodes and QR codes on tickets. Employees can comfortably hold the devices in one hand and scan tickets without much effort, reducing fatigue and increasing productivity. In addition, modern mobile computers are equipped with wireless connectivity options that enable real-time communication with the back-end system. This facilitates immediate verification of ticket validity and real-time processing of entry data.

Efficient ticket management for events

Your advantages

With the MDE devices from DENSO, you can digitally design ticket management for your events securely and quickly. You, your employees and your customers benefit from numerous advantages:

  • Robust lightweight scanners with ergonomic design
  • Secure ticket capture
  • Real-time data and increased transparency
  • Improved communication
  • Easy integration into existing systems
  • Numerous application areas (MDE, analysis, development)
  • Error prevention during data processing
  • Prevention of malfunctions and subsequent costs
  • Automatic digital documentation of tickets
  • Capture of a large number of products / articles


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