Optimized employee communication


Mobile data capture for better results

For manufacturing processes in companies to run smoothly, functioning internal communication must be guaranteed. Secure and reliable data processing must not be missing from this. Mobile data capture solutions offer the opportunity to make internal communication efficient - to significantly increase the profitability of a company and the satisfaction of employees as well as customers.

Create digital communication in real time

The challenge

Optimized internal communication in manufacturing is essential to ensure the success of the company. Especially in manufacturing, employees depend on each other as well as on correct data to make the production process efficient and avoid losses. In addition, data must be collected and processed in real time to enable fast decision-making. However, faulty or insufficient communication as well as data processing can quickly lead to delays, errors and inconsistencies. To keep productivity high along the production line and remain competitive as a company, mobile data capture solutions are the foundation - for advanced internal communication as well as reliable data processing.

Mobile data collection to improve communication

Our solution

If your employees are well networked, collaboration is also easier. Mobile data collection devices - primarily mobile computers from DENSO - are the right tools to meet the challenges of manufacturing. With the help of the devices, employees can obtain relevant information on goods, work steps, changes and more. In this way, our solutions achieve an effective exchange of information that can be accessed in real time via the devices at any time and in any place. Similar to a digital platform, this way, for example, new orders or changes to existing orders can be transmitted directly without the need for face-to-face meetings and complicated instructions and changes. In addition, mobile data capture devices from DENSO enable the secure recording of production data, stock levels or maintenance cycles. This reduces manual processes and increases efficiency in the long term.

Optimized digital employee communication

Your advantages

With DENSO's  mobile data capture devices and solutions, you promote internal employee communication within your company while increasing the efficiency of your manufacturing processes. Here are your advantages again at a glance:

  • Real-time data and increased transparency
  • Improved communication
  • Faster agreements and implementation of changes
  • Numerous other application areas (analysis, development)
  • Error prevention during data collection
  • Prevention of disruptions to operational processes and subsequent costs
  • Automatic digital documentation from goods receipt
  • Capture of a large number of products / articles
  • Robust mobile terminals with ergonomic design
  • Easier organization of processes


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