Sustainability is topic of the decade: Securing supply chains and optimizing processes with DENSO

Sustainability and the reduction of CO2 emissions are the topics of the decade. DENSO supports companies with RFID, mobile computers, QR Codes, and Auto-ID solutions.

According to the German Bundesverband Materialwirtschaft, Einkauf und Logistik e.V. (Federal Association of Materials Management, Purchasing, and Logistics) securing supply chains (83 percent) is currently one of the top priorities for companies. However, sustainability and the reduction of CO2 emissions remain the topics of the decade. Another study by Sustainalytics also shows that an estimated 90 percent of a company’s sustainability impacts originate in the supply chain.

Since many companies have to rethink their crisis management due to the geopolitical situation, they include the topic of sustainability as a new chance and responsibility. DENSO WAVE EUROPE offers Auto-ID solutions, mobile computers, RFID, QR Codes, and so-called Navigation TAGs to support companies and their supply chains sustainably.

Measures for more climate protection: Less waste, better planning

Companies have to face the fact that the current shortage of (raw) materials is causing disruptions in supply chains worldwide. Customer demand is also changing, so companies have to rethink and replan accordingly. Efficient planning is essential in order to survive in the market, especially in the areas of retail, logistics, transport, and warehouse management.
DENSO WAVE EUROPE has already helped numerous companies, for example in the retail, logistics, and food trade sectors, to optimize their warehouse management, inventory accuracy, and goods planning. This is ensured by mobile computers such as the BHT-M70, BHT-M80, BHT-1800 or the SP1 RFID Scanner from DENSO. Navigation TAGs and QR Codes – DENSO WAVE is the inventor of the QR Code – also ensure that items can be searched for and scanned quickly and easily.
With DENSO, companies were not only able to reduce costs and increase their sales, but also become more sustainable, as deliveries can be bundled. Hence, the supply chains can be made more sustainable.

RFID and mobile scanners provide solutions at large fast food restaurant chain

One example in this regard is food waste, which can be reduced or even contained when inventories are optimized and supply chains become more sustainable. In the food industry, regulations such as ensuring traceability and monitoring shelf life must be strictly observed.
A large fast food restaurant chain is now using the SP1 from DENSO to optimize processes along the supply chain – from purchasing to sales. With the SP1, the employees accelerate the processes by more than 50 percent thanks to the world’s best reading performance and new Autopilot.
The employees had to spend hardly any time training, as the SP1 can be connected quickly and reliably to existing smart devices. Among other things, the processes for incoming goods and warehouse management were significantly optimized. Thus, the inventory accuracy was increased as well.
It goes without saying that DENSO WAVE EUROPE cannot solve the problems of the environmental and climate crisis on its own. In addition, supply chains are complex simply because of their sheer size. However, DENSO can make a decisive contribution to companies who want to become more sustainable and reduce their CO2 emissions. After all, DENSO can provide RFID, mobile computers such as scanners and handhelds, Navigation TAGs, QR Code models, and Auto-ID solutions, which have become indispensable in the context of digitalization.


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